• Massacre in Russian school

    perm January 15, 2018 08:39 Hot Recent News

    Two teenagers have been massacred in a school in Perm in Russia. A teacher and at least twelve pupils were injured. They suffered severe stab wounds after being stabbed, for example, in the neck.

  • Old sex scandal Trump world news

    new york January 13, 2018 12:15 Hot Recent News

    Donald Trump's attorney has paid $ 130,000 in silence to a porn star. The money was paid to actress Stephanie Clifford by this Michael Cohen in October 2016, just before the elections.

  • Trump maintains Iran deal for the time being

    washington January 12, 2018 19:33 Hot Recent News

    US President Donald Trump is currently maintaining the international agreement on curbing Iran's nuclear program. Iran and six world powers have to adjust the agreement within 120 days. Otherwise American sanctions will follow against Iran. That reported the White House Friday.

  • Canadian former hostage stuck in homeland

    ottawa January 3, 2018 07:24 Hot Recent News

    A Canadian who has been imprisoned for years with his family in Afghanistan is now stuck in his homeland. The police suspect 34-year-old Joshua Boyle according to Canadian media of numerous offenses. This includes maltreatment, sexual violence and the misleading of the police.

  • Israel forbids polygamy

    beer sheva December 29, 2017 07:24 Hot Recent News

    Israel is going to take tough action against men who have several women in the country. Polygamy is strictly forbidden.

  • Supervisor decides on net neutrality US

    December 14, 2017 12:39 Hot Recent News

    Everyone is equal online. That has been the starting point of the internet since the early years. The web is a large repository of information and anyone can access everything. Providers are there to give people access to that information, but otherwise they remain impartial. They may not favor one customer on the other customer, as a drinking water company is not allowed to decide who gets which water from the tap.

  • 'Restriction of ritual slaughter allowed'

    luxembourg November 30, 2017 10:39 Hot Recent News

    The restriction on slaughtering animals in accredited slaughterhouses without ritual is not contrary to freedom of religion. The Advocate General of the European Court of Justice has ruled this. The court often follows such conclusions.

  • Argentine navy: 'Submarine was safe'

    buenos aires November 26, 2017 06:27 Hot Recent News

    The missing submarine in Argentina was inspected two days before departure and found safe. Otherwise it should never have left, according to the British broadcaster BBC, a spokesman for the Argentine navy said.

  • 'Inconceivable that nobody was arrested at Moroccan football rally'

    brussels November 12, 2017 11:54 Hot Recent News

    The Belgian Minister of the Interior Jan Jambon finds it 'incomprehensible' that nobody has been arrested for the riots with Moroccan football supporters in Brussels. \u0026 amp; quot; There are camera images of the riots. Whoever went wrong will have to pay \u0026 quot ;, he says in Belgian media.

  • Germany rolls up a large download network

    frankfurt November 10, 2017 10:18 Hot Recent News

    In Germany a large platform for illegal downloading of movies, TV series, music, software, games and e-books has been taken out of the air. The German-speaking UsenetRevolution.info network had about 27,000 members. The site was on servers in the Netherlands.

  • Weinstein put spies against women

    new york November 7, 2017 08:51 Hot Recent News

    Harvey Weinstein has hired private detectives to ward off women who said they were sexually bothered by the American film producer. That's what the New Yorker magazine reports on the authority of seven witnesses and based on information in documents.

  • New Bond Day has more than 700 seats

    New Bond Day has more than 700 seats

    berlin September 25, 2017 09:45 Hot Recent News

    The special election system makes the Bundesdag much larger than that chosen in 2013. Sunday, 709 delegates have been chosen, which is 78 more than in 2013. It's the biggest Bond Day ever. The record of 1994, 674 seats, has been demolished.

  • Five kills by lung fever in Madagascar

    Five kills by lung fever in Madagascar

    antananarivo September 15, 2017 18:51 Hot Recent News

    In Madagascar, five people have died of the highly dangerous and easily transmitted pulmonary disease. That released the World Health Organization (WHO) on Friday. According to local media, the pest eruption began in the province of Toamasina, in the northeast of the African island.

  • Holiday feeling breaks down

    Holiday feeling breaks down

    amsterdam September 11, 2017 08:45 Hot Recent News

    The abolition of roaming charges in the European Union had to make it possible for holidaymakers to get Netflixen undisturbed. But with many tourists, the measure makes for stress. They can now be harassed by the boss throughout Europe.

  • Putin wants less foreign software

    Putin wants less foreign software

    moscow September 8, 2017 21:48 Hot Recent News

    Russian tech companies risk exploiting government clusters if they continue to use foreign software. For that reason, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned, which, according to press agency Interfax, suggested that such computer programs could pose a threat to state security.

  • London needs to provide 'soft' Irish border

    London needs to provide 'soft' Irish border

    brussels September 7, 2017 13:33 Hot Recent News

    It is the responsibility of the British government to keep the border between Ireland and the British Northern Ireland 'soft'. This means that citizens from both sides after leaving the United Kingdom from the European Union must be able to live freely, to live, act and work as they do now.

  • Alexa and Cortana are communicating with each other

    Alexa and Cortana are communicating with each other

    new york August 30, 2017 13:30 Hot Recent News

    Yahoo's Amazon and Cortana voice assistants should communicate with each other. By the end of this year, people should be able to use Alexa Cortana and vice versa. The two companies worked behind the scenes over the past year, and according to the New York Times, Amazon and Microsoft announced the collaboration later on Wednesday.

  • Nearly half IT incidents by employees

    Nearly half IT incidents by employees

    utrecht August 24, 2017 09:45 Hot Recent News

    Of the IT security incidents that occurred last year at companies worldwide, 46 percent were unintentionally or unconsciously caused by employees. In 40 percent of those cases, the employees concerned tried to hide the incident after the end. That is what Kaspersky Lab reported after research that it performed with B2B International among 5,000 companies worldwide.

  • Review: Board games for the beach

    Review: Board games for the beach

    August 21, 2017 07:15 Hot Recent News

    The Telegraph will now also test board games. Because it's summer, we finish off with a review of three family games specially made for the beach, namely: Dobble Beach, Jungle Speed ​​Beach and Perudo Beach.

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