Alexa and Cortana are communicating with each other

Alexa and Cortana are communicating with each other

Tech August 30, 2017 13:30

new york - Yahoo's Amazon and Cortana voice assistants should communicate with each other. By the end of this year, people should be able to use Alexa Cortana and vice versa. The two companies worked behind the scenes over the past year, and according to the New York Times, Amazon and Microsoft announced the collaboration later on Wednesday.

Topmasters Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Satya Nadella of Mircrosoft think that the two assistants each have unique qualities, the other of whom can benefit. For example, Bezos Cortana's superior integration with Outlook, the popular calendar and email application. Through the collaboration, Alexa users get answers to some of the same questions Cortana can answer now, for example, whether the boss already has the following budget overview.

People who use Alexa now, to use Cortana, have to say, 'Alexa, open Cortana', followed by their assignment. Otherwise, someone who uses Cortana, '' Cortana, open Alexa 'should say.

Bezos predicts that over time people call digital assistants, also known as A. I. (artificial intelligence), use the same way they now ask one friend about walking and another friend about good restaurants. '' I want them to have access to as much A. I. '', according to Bezos.

The cooperation began at the end of May, after Bezos presented the idea at a meeting for top men in and around Seattle to Nadella. Those who saw the plan were sitting. Beszos has not approached Apple and Google, who also have digital assistants, but they are welcome to join.

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