Latest Developments in Ukraine: Recaptured Territories, Flood Recovery, and Refugee's Lottery Win

World June 13, 2023 00:46

- Stay informed on the latest developments in Ukraine, including territory recapture, dam destruction aftermath, lottery win, military exercises, and more. Get the latest news and insights.

Ukraine: Reclaimed 90 Square Kilometers from Russians in One Week

Ukraine and Russia are blaming each other for the destruction of the dam near Nova Kakhovka. What are the consequences? And how is the fight progressing in other parts of the country? Follow the latest developments here.

7 hours ago
Ukrainian Refugee Wins Half a Million Euros in Belgian Lottery
A Ukrainian refugee has won half a million euros in a lottery in Belgium. The young man bought a scratch card for 5 euros at a gas station and turned out to have one of the winning numbers.

The organization behind the National Lottery is not revealing the winner's identity due to privacy concerns but can provide some details. He has been living in Brussels for about a year and had mixed feelings about the win. According to the lottery, he is mentally preoccupied with the war in Ukraine, and it would be "a difficult period for him to be happy with everything happening in his homeland."

With the money, the lucky winner wants to first celebrate in Belgium, but then he wants to contribute to the reconstruction of his country. Once the war is over, he wants to return to Ukraine as soon as possible and use the money to aid in the rebuilding efforts.

8 hours ago
Water Levels Receding in Flooded Ukrainian Area
Authorities report that the water levels are receding in the flooded war-torn area of southern Ukraine, a few days after the destruction of the Kakhovka dam on the Dnipro River.

In the affected Kherson region, the average water level of the river has dropped by 2 meters. The destruction of the dam had caused water levels to rise by over 10 meters in some areas, including the nearby city of Nova Kakhovka, according to Russian media in the occupied territory.

On the Ukrainian-controlled side of the Dnipro, 32 locations with approximately 3,800 buildings are still underwater. On the occupied side, fourteen settlements have been affected.

Rescue workers estimate that the Kakhovka reservoir has lost around 72 percent of its water since the dam's destruction.

12 hours ago
Germany Seeks to Avoid Escalation with Moscow during NATO Exercise
Germany states that everything is being done to prevent a major NATO air force exercise from escalating tensions with Russia. According to Air Force Commander Ingo Gerhartz, flights will not be conducted towards Kaliningrad, a Russian territory between Poland and Lithuania.

The largest air force exercises in the history of the military alliance, called Air Defender 23, will take place in German airspace over the next week and a half. 25 countries are participating with around 10,000 troops and 250 aircraft. "We are doing everything we can to ensure that it does not have an escalating effect," Gerhartz said on German radio.

The Dutch airbase Volkel will also be used during Air Defender 23. The large-scale exercise coincides with a busy period for civilian aviation. Flights through German airspace may need to be diverted at times due to the high number of military aircraft flying, but Gerhartz expects any delays to be minimal, lasting "at most a few minutes."

14 hours ago
Ukraine Claims Another Recapture in Counteroffensive

Ukraine has reported another success on Monday, a day after small gains in a counteroffensive against Russian forces. The Ministry of Defense claims that Ukrainian troops have recaptured the village of Storozheve in the Donetsk region.

Video footage shows soldiers raising the Ukrainian flag in Storozheve. The footage has not been independently verified. The Minister of Defense thanked the responsible brigade for retaking the village. The military leadership reported heavy fighting at the front on Monday.

On Sunday, Ukraine had already announced the recapture of.

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