'Russia needs Crimean lease '

'Russia needs Crimean lease '

World February 21, 2017 09:54

moscow - A remarkable plan from the pen of the government Trump has caused furious reactions from the Russians. Michael Cohen, the house attorney for the American president, the now redundant security adviser Michael Flynn would have offered a solution to the conflict in Ukraine. The proposal means a long lease agreement with Russia for the Crimea. That reports The New York Times.

The plan would have the aim of lifting the Russian sanctions. Cohen was the plan along with the business person convicted Felix Sater and the pro-Russian MP Andrii Artemenko have forged 'Absurd', says Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov. 'This is unacceptable. How the Russians to their own regions hire themselves? '

Cohen, who has admitted being vetted by the FBI because of Trump's alleged Russian relations, indeed to have had contact with Satyr and Artemenko, but Trump said he was not briefed on the plan. Counsel acting like his nose blood and says only good intentions to have had.

Relations between Russia and the US have not been this bad in years. Trump is a strong advocate of closer ties with Moscow and has great confidence in Russia. The US government, however, does require the Russians to return the Crimean peninsula in Ukraine. Crimea was annexed by Russia. That requirement is at the sore orbit of Moscow.

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