Hits in McDonald's after being 'thanked' too gently

World December 29, 2017 08:00

names - The 18-year-old Pierre Migeot fell victim to senseless violence at the McDonald's in Namur on Tuesday evening.

He writes this on his Facebook page. 'And all that because she thought we did not say 'thank you' when someone left the door open for us,' says Pierre Migeot to Het Nieuwsblad.

The young man wanted to go into the fast food restaurant with his girlfriend when a girl kept the door open for them. 'We passed her and suddenly she called us angrily:' You can also say thank you! 'My friend turned around immediately to apologize and to thank her again,' says Migeot.

But then it only started. 'The girl at the door immediately started to scold us. I then stood in front of my girlfriend to protect her and to ask the girl why she thought it necessary to insult her for such a thing. I really did not see the follow-up, 'said the young man.

The girl's boyfriend tapped unexpectedly at Migeot's shoulder and slapped him right in his face. 'He only gave me one blow to my face. But he hit my glasses, so the glass burst into splinters. My eye socket was hit. Luckily I could get all the bits out of my eye. Otherwise I might be blind to one eye now, 'says the young man. The result: 11 stitches.

Only when three McDonald's employees noticed the noise, the young man got help. 'We looked around and none of the customers responded. What a rotten society... 'The young man sighs in the newspaper.

The post of the young man went virally fast, but the 18-year-old got a lot of criticism. Migeot felt compelled to respond anyway. 'To all those who found me rude or think I deserved it: we did indeed' thank you 'mumbled,' says the young man who later said that she might not have understood him. 'And by the way, I think it does not matter. Even if I had not said it, you should never respond with such senseless violence. '

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