Column: Never lose your stuff anymore

Column: Never lose your stuff anymore

Tech August 28, 2017 07:39

- Nothing so annoying as you lose your stuff. The longer you seek, the more you will doubt yourself. Where is it? Or was it stolen from my bag?

Lastly, when I wanted to get out of bed, I could not find my phone anywhere. My backpack searched: nothing. Did anyone roll me? My hands began to vibrate. Together with helpful travelers, I phoned my phone and we went in search of the bus. Eventually, my cellphone appeared to be squeezed between the wall and the bench. What a relief!

My story will make many people famous. In a world where everything is a handy gadget, Tile manufacturer offers a solution for people who are forgetful or want security. The Mate can be attached to your key bush, while the Slim Slim fits perfectly into the wallet. Style and Sport will also appear soon.

These Tile products are connected to the phone. For example, if you lose your keys at home, you can let the Mate alarm hang out from the app. Otherwise, it also works with the gadget button: the smartphone will return you. Suppose you lose something or get stolen on the way? Then you indicate in the app that something is lost.

Then, the apps of all Tile users will search anonymously and quietly. Once someone lists the signal from your Tile, you will get the coordinates. Convenient, even at the expense of your privacy; Tile always knows where you are.

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