'Restriction of ritual slaughter allowed'

World November 30, 2017 10:39

luxembourg - The restriction on slaughtering animals in accredited slaughterhouses without ritual is not contrary to freedom of religion. The Advocate General of the European Court of Justice has ruled this. The court often follows such conclusions.

Islamic organizations in Belgium had gone to court because of the decision of the Flemish government to no longer recognize temporary slaughterhouses. Animals can therefore only be slaughtered in official slaughterhouses without anesthetic since 2015. Previously, temporary slaughter facilities were still allowed around the Festival of Sacrifice, because otherwise there was a capacity shortage. The Brussels court had argued that Muslims would not be able to fulfill their religious duty.

Advocate General Walz now rejects the argument that the restriction is contrary to religious freedom. According to him, it is more about the costs involved in absorbing a peak in the demand for ritual slaughter. He confirms that slaughter for the Islamic Sacrifice Feast is a religious prescription that falls under the protection of freedom of religion.

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