Emergency fire arrow explodes in the hands of the recycling company employee

World December 13, 2017 12:36

waterbeach - Fearful moments for an employee of a British recycling company in Waterbeach, who received a rocket in his hands during the sorting of waste that almost exploded in his face. He was not injured, but on spectacular images you can see that the man has had a lot of luck.

On the video, which Sky News brings out on Wednesday, you can see how the man unsuspectingly picks a rocket from a conveyor belt. He studies the arrow, which is used at sea in case of emergency. While he lets the thing go through his hands a few times, the arrow explodes due to unknown cause.

The man instinctively disappears. Miraculously, he is not touched. According to a spokesman for the company, his protective work clothing played a major role in this. But otherwise it seems to be mainly a matter of a good portion of luck, according to the images.

The company uses this incident to warn British consumers in the run-up to the holidays. Do not just throw away fireworks, it's the motto. 'This could also have been very different. '

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