Petition to rescue puppies who bite twelve children on playground

World December 17, 2017 18:54

- An online petition has been started to save the young Malinois, who bite twelve children on a playground in the Belgian Pole on Friday. Thousands of people have already expressed their support to Uscko in the hope that the dog will not be killed.

The dog lives in a garden next to the playground of the school De Buiteling. It went wrong when he jumped over the fence during the break on Friday. The Malinois shepherd bitten several children. Twelve of them were slightly injured.

'Of course that is also very bad for these children and we hope they can recover soon,' is the petition. Nevertheless, the concern of the initiator is mainly at Uscko. 'A puppy of 10 months certainly does not have the intention to bite, otherwise the consequences for these children would have been much worse. '

'Maybe the owner has been inattentive for a while, that can happen to anyone, and he will be twice as vigilant in the future, but a puppy of 10 months certainly does not belong in an asylum and certainly deserves no injection', so is written there.

'Meanwhile, more security measures have been taken from both sides. For example, the owner has installed a new fence of 1.80 and the school has placed fences to protect the view. Uscko will be able to romp back to your heart's content without problems, and the children will be able to play carefree on the playground in the future. '

'Uscko is a very playful, loyal cuddly bear who likes to play with balls, so his owner wants him back in his arms as soon as possible. We therefore start this petition and hope that this puppy can return to his owner as soon as possible. Give Uscko a second chance ', the online petition concludes.

More than 6500 people have already agreed with the emotional argument, according to Het Nieuwsblad. The founders of the petition hoped for 5000 signatures, but that goal was quickly achieved.

Sunday afternoon some twenty dog ‚Äč‚Äčlovers came together on the street to take action for Uscko. 'The dog did not want to attack, but just play, unfortunately that went wrong. So putting the dog out of the house right away is an exaggeration, especially because the owner is very conscious about his animals ', said organizer of the Wendy Vanderbiesen campaign at Radio 2 Limburg.

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