Permission needed in Sweden for sex

World December 19, 2017 12:15

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STOCKHOLM (ANP)- Anyone who wants to have sex with someone in Sweden requires explicit permission to do so. Stockholm wants to adjust the moral law sharply; someone can be convicted without permission.

So far, in Sweden, a refusal of sex, verbal or non-verbal, is necessary for a conviction for rape. The Swedish government wants to turn that around now: permission from both sides is necessary, otherwise there could be a criminal offense. The new so-called approval law must take effect on 1 July next year.

The law applies to all sexual acts, whether it is a first date, a long-term relationship or group sex. 'The message is simple: you have to ask the person with whom you want sex if he wants it. If you are not sure, you should leave it, 'said Prime Minister Stefan Löfven against the German newspaper Die Welt.

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