• The Dutch are stuck to illegal potency pills

    The Dutch are stuck to illegal potency pills

    sustrum-moor September 18, 2018 12:48 Hot Recent News

    Just over the border in Germany four Dutch people were arrested. They acted in illegal potency pills. At their homes in Sustrum-Moor and Heede, just over the border near Groningen, more than 440,000 such pills have been found. They are confiscated, as are 170,000 euros in cash.

  • Henk Kuipers: transfer unnecessary

    Henk Kuipers: transfer unnecessary

    groningen September 17, 2018 16:48 Hot Recent News

    Former No Surrender leader Henk Kuipers (53) is outraged by his short-term transfer to a heavier security prison at the beginning of this month. He called it Monday in the court in Groningen ironically an 'interim vacation.' 'I am placed there for nothing. It was completely unnecessary, what a stunt. '

  • Explorer starts a journey to the sun

    Explorer starts a journey to the sun

    cape canaveral August 10, 2018 06:09 Hot Recent News

    The lion's den. An American satellite goes there on Saturday. The Parker Solar Probe goes to the sun. He arrives there in November. The solar probe should teach us more about the atmosphere of the sun.

  • Founder Pussy Riot wants to perform in Groningen

    Founder Pussy Riot wants to perform in Groningen

    groningen August 9, 2018 14:30 Hot Recent News

    Co-founder Maria Alyokhina of the activist Russian punk rock band Pussy Riot hopes to perform in De Oosterpoort in Groningen in January. She has a program in which she tells others about the original group, which in 2012 made the world press with a protest in a church in Moscow against the conditions under which Russian elections were held. The action against church and Kremlin gave her a prison sentence.

  • What makes the cave story so irresistible?

    What makes the cave story so irresistible?

    chiang rai July 11, 2018 08:21 Hot Recent News

    Every day children worldwide are involved in accidents, disasters and war violence. It often does not even get the news. But with the twelve boys in the Thai cave everything was different. The world looked and lived intensely for two weeks.

  • Busy Wiebes transfers tasks

    Busy Wiebes transfers tasks

    the hague February 15, 2018 16:06 Hot Recent News

    Minister Eric Wiebes (Economic Affairs) is so busy with the problems surrounding gas production in Groningen and the transition to more sustainable energy that work is likely to remain. He therefore assigns tasks to State Secretary Mona Keijzer.

  • East Frisian wine on the way

    aurich/berlin November 17, 2017 19:00 Hot Recent News

    Nearly one hundred enthusiasts from the East Frisia region of Friesland have set up a cooperative on Friday to set up vineyards and make wine in the northern region. The 99 participants officially founded the First East Frisian Wine Farmers' Cooperative.

  • Plofkraak scares Tolbert

    Plofkraak scares Tolbert

    tolbert September 19, 2017 06:06 Hot Recent News

    An explosive crack at a Rabobank ATM machine broke the Groningen Tolbert on Monday night. It is an ATM in a specially built building. The police have dropped the ATM's vicinity and explosive specialists have flared up.

  • Farmers to head millionaire list

    Farmers to head millionaire list

    the hague September 12, 2017 06:39 Hot Recent News

    Most of the more than 106,000 millionaires in the Netherlands are from the agricultural sector. Statistics Netherlands counts their number at 12,900, including dairy farmers (6100) and farmers (3300). An estimated 10,900 millionaires gained their financial services capabilities.

  • Asbestos found after burnout casino Groningen

    Asbestos found after burnout casino Groningen

    groningen August 29, 2017 10:30 Hot Recent News

    Asbestos has been found around the burned premises of Holland Casino in Groningen. The municipality announced that Tuesday. Several neighborhood residents who have stayed at a hotel since Sunday's fire have decided not to return home, because of this finding, a spokeswoman said.

  • Fish dead by helping bat

    Fish dead by helping bat

    groningen August 24, 2017 22:06 Hot Recent News

    The measures to save the waterbath at the construction of the new Ring Zuid through Groningen have proved to be fatal for the fish. Those died massively, causing living days to stumble. That states the newspaper of the north.

  • Anxiety at D66 about formation

    Anxiety at D66 about formation

    the hague August 18, 2017 16:15 Hot Recent News

    Within D66, concern has arisen about the future of multiple parenthood. In a letter to be published in the possession of this newspaper, party members of the party will call the bell. They want Alexander Pechtold to launch another course in his negotiations with VVD, CDA and CU.

  • Frans Timmermans is a eager EU Commissioner

    Frans Timmermans is a eager EU Commissioner

    brussels August 9, 2017 14:27 Hot Recent News

    Frans Timmermans honors the reputation of Dutch economy. For work visits to Apeldoorn, Cologne or Groningen, the Vice-President of the European Commission does not declare hotels, while expenditure of 8.66 and 14.65 euros for a meal does not really pave the way.

  • Possibly more earthquakes in Kos

    Possibly more earthquakes in Kos

    kos July 23, 2017 15:48 Hot Recent News

    Tourists and residents of the holiday island of Kos should take into account the possibility of aftershocks and new earthquakes in the next month and a half. That says the Greek seismologist Christos Papaioannou of the Institute of Engineering Seismology and Earthquake Engineering in Thessaloniki.

  • Studying in Belgium is the most popular

    Studying in Belgium is the most popular

    groningen July 19, 2017 06:42 Hot Recent News

    Students studying abroad with study funding choose Belgium the most often, especially medicine, veterinary medicine or psychology. That's what DUO says, when it was ten years ago that you could take student finance for another country for the first time.

  • Growth on tires: less drink

    Growth on tires: less drink

    groningen July 8, 2017 05:03 Hot Recent News

    Student association Vindicat atque Polit from Groningen may hold the annual launch period next month, but under strict conditions. For example, half of the supervisors may not drink alcohol and first-year students remain alcohol-free. This is evidenced by a new report with strict agreements between university, college and student association.

  • Drugs washed up on German islands
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    Drugs washed up on German islands

    aurich April 19, 2017 13:45 Hot Recent News

    After previous discoveries in the waters in Belgium, on the coast of Zealand and in the Eemshaven in Groningen, are also now on the coast of three German Wadden packages washed ashore drugs. The German police and the judiciary in terms of eleven packages of cocaine the size of a brick that washed up on the islands of Borkum, Baltrum and Norderney.

  • Full train stops by Boekenweek

    Full train stops by Boekenweek

    groningen April 3, 2017 12:39 Hot Recent News

    The train to Groningen on Sunday was so full that the conductor refused to continue. He thought that was irresponsible and halt the train in Zwolle. The boekenweekgeschenk was the culprit. ' That you could travel for free. And everyone apparently wanted to return home at the same time, '' says NS against RTV Noord.

  • Camp looks forward to settling claims without NAM

    Camp looks forward to settling claims without NAM

    the hague March 31, 2017 10:27 Hot Recent News

    Minister Henk Kamp of Economic Affairs would welcome it if the NAM, which wins in Groningen gas ' a step reset and not for the people in the picture for the settlement of the damage '' that caused by earthquakes. Camp responded to the news that the NAM now leaves the handling of earthquake damage to the National Coordinator of Groningen, Hans Alders.

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