Woman and dog died after fire in Westerlee

Woman and dog died after fire in Westerlee

World August 28, 2017 12:15

westerlee - UPDATE 13.00- In the village of Westerlee (municipality of Oldambt) Monday was sadly reacted to the tragic death of a village resident. She came to a house fire on the rural Veenweg, which also cost her dog a dog.

Karol Grabka looks at the burned house, a few houses away. He knew the only-living widow of around 84 years old. 'Very sad. She lived here for a number of years, she came from Drenthe. 'It was soon clear that it was wrong. 'The fire brigade got there quickly and took her out. You feel so powerless especially when you see flames from the roof and you can not help yourself. '

One of the neighbors sighed: 'That you are so helpless, that's definitely bad. You can not blow me out. Nobody could get in. I tried to step in the door. 'The Groningen lived a bit, but in such a small community with few addresses on a long road, everyone knows each other. 'She saved herself,' she said brightly, even though she was bad. Sat with the walker in the garden. Occasionally she had family over the floor. '

Buurman Daan Akkerman calls it 'dramatic'. 'I could not sleep. You think of the neighbor with her little white dog and thinks 'this did not have to be'. Storm inside, you think if you're all there. '

Fire Department Groningen emphasizes that the woman was taken from the burning building at the back, but unfortunately died. 'This was the kind of fire we know when we know there are no more people we do not enter. But here we knew there was somebody to save. 'The police is conducting tracing on Monday. The detective assumes that there was no crime.

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