• 'Possibly also Belgian women secretly filmed in dressing room'

    'Possibly also Belgian women secretly filmed in dressing room'

    ghent March 10, 2018 11:24 Hot Recent News

    The images that surfaced hundreds of women in saunas, swimming pools, dressing rooms and other public places earlier this week may also include Belgian victims. On the images that the NOS investigated, a twitterer believes that the dressing room of the sports hall of Hogeschool Gent is recognizable. HoGent has now filed a complaint

  • Clearance to ringtone 'Allahu Akbar'

    gent November 10, 2017 17:51 Hot Recent News

    Two platforms from a Belgian train station were evacuated on Friday after the phone of 'suspects' departed. As a ringtone the words 'Allahu akbar' sounded. That was for an agent in a citizen to make an alarm.

  • Child (3) falls 6 floors down

    gent November 10, 2017 16:00 Hot Recent News

    In the Flemish city of Ghent, a young child fell meters down when it fell into an apartment building from the window. The current state of the child is unknown.

  • Cardinal witnesses in case \u0026 # x27; Deacon of Death \u0026 # x27;

    gent November 9, 2017 12:18 Hot Recent News

    Cardinal Joseph de Kesel of Archdiocese Mechelen-Brussels has been summoned as a witness in a trial against the 'Deacon of Death'. The head of the Roman Catholic Church in Belgium is heard in Ghent in January because of the case against ex-deacon Ivo Poppe. It is suspected of at least ten murders on the elderly.

  • Bingewatches funest for sleep

    Bingewatches funest for sleep

    gent August 15, 2017 13:36 Hot Recent News

    Watching an evening online episodes of a series is not good for the night's rest. The mental excitement that these so-called bingewatches entail causes less sleep. This is evidenced by research by communication scientist Liese Exelmans of Ghent University.

  • Research: Salt-soaked tomato tastier

    Research: Salt-soaked tomato tastier

    gent July 12, 2017 14:24 Hot Recent News

    Tomatoes taste more delicious when grown with salt water, researchers from Ghent University indicate. Due to the salt, the tomatoes absorb less moisture, resulting in more sugars in the fruit. The water absorption of the plants is better controlled by continuous measurements of sensors by adjusting the salt content than by giving more or less water, scientist Bart Van de Wal explains.

  • Outbreak of measles in prison of Ghent
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    Outbreak of measles in prison of Ghent

    gent June 27, 2017 17:39 Hot Recent News

    The prison in Belgian Ghent has been hit by the measles. The prisoners may not receive a visit and will be vaccinated, as well as the staff. From Tuesday, Tuesday, 21 people have fallen sick since Friday, the viral infection turns around.

  • Taster feeds born from frozen egg

    Taster feeds born from frozen egg

    gent May 17, 2017 10:42 Hot Recent News

    Researchers at Ghent University have made a foal from an immature frozen egg thawed, ripened, fertilized and grown into an embryo. This was then planted in a carrying mare at the Animal Embryo Center Diergaerderhof in Maria-Hoop in Dutch Limburg. On May 12, the stallion VICSI was born, a world priest, announced the UGent Wednesday.

  • Refugees from North Frans kamp without a trace

    Refugees from North Frans kamp without a trace

    gent April 14, 2017 11:03 Hot Recent News

    Hundreds of refugees from Monday burnt camp in the northern French Grande-Synthe are missing. The governor of Nord-Pas de Calais has three halls where the affected people were accommodated closed Thursday, the Belgian NGO Humain reported Friday morning.

  • Father shaves her daughter (14) as punishment

    Father shaves her daughter (14) as punishment

    gent February 9, 2017 14:15 Hot Recent News

    A father may have one and a half years in jail as punishment because he has shaved the head of his 14-year-old daughter. The Ghent Chechen A. K. was angry because his teenage daughter came home late after going out and had consumed alcohol. The girl is traumatized because of this. She no longer lives at home.

  • Castle Murder yet for ordinary courts

    Castle Murder yet for ordinary courts

    gent January 20, 2017 11:48 Hot Recent News

    The process surrounding the so-called castle murder in Belgium will still be handled by an ordinary court and not by a popular jury. The court in Ghent turned Friday decision of the chambers in Bruges dated November back.

  • IS-sympathizers arrested in Belgium

    IS-sympathizers arrested in Belgium

    antwerp October 18, 2016 15:18 Hot Recent News

    Fifteen searches in Gent, Deinze and Antwerp, the Belgian police Tuesday fifteen people arrested are linked to the terrorist organization Islamic State. Europol also was involved in the anti-terrorist action.

  • The world's oldest male twins was 103 years

    The world's oldest male twins was 103 years

    gent July 8, 2016 13:15 Hot Recent News

    The Belgian twins Peter and Paul Long Rock celebrates Friday with a glass of red French wine his 103rd birthday. The men of Ghent are the world's oldest twins. They need two more years to unseat the American record holders and Glen Dale Moyer, which took 105 years.

  • Bank customers with hands out

    Bank customers with hands out

    gent March 31, 2016 17:00 Hot Recent News

    Customers of a bank in Ghent have the building Thursday morning with hands up to leave after a report of a robbery. The police had the Count of Flanders Square, where the bank is turned off and let the attendees leave the office with hands in the air.

  • 'Blacks with apes not compare racist'

    'Blacks with apes not compare racist'

    gent January 28, 2016 13:42 Hot Recent News

    A Belgian agent who was acquitted on his facebook page black people with monkeys compared using two pictures is by the court in Ghent racism, incitement to racism and xenophobia. The judge acknowledged that the images were objectionable, but said they could also be considered humorous.

  • Suicide Belgian student for hazing
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    Suicide Belgian student for hazing

    gent October 30, 2015 15:00 Hot Recent News

    A first year student at the University of Ghent has committed suicide, presumably because they did not want to participate in a hazing activity of the student VRG. There is established a judicial inquiry and all activities related to baptism, such as the hot hazing in Belgium, have been shut down.

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