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World October 19, 2017 08:12

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Marinka L. 'sold a false dream. We have been opened with open eyes, 'says one of the victims in Het Nieuwsblad. Several people from Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden are in the sales pitch of women.

L. advertised with houses that she knew that the owners had been away for a long time. They opened the houses with a false key.

Yesterday the court sentenced her in addition to the imprisonment sentence to a fine of 24,000 euros and a ten-year prohibition. She must also pay back all victims.

Marc Vanrijckegem and his wife Veerle De Saffel from Deinze tell in Het Nieuwsblad that she paid 140. 000 euros to the woman with the smooth bubble. 'It seemed like we were friends. She invited us to dinner. We were really happy. 'She did not have to worry about the notary. 'That was for later, after our first vacation in our house near Alicante. '

Marc and Veerle rented their house shortly thereafter. 'After a few days an Englishman arrived. The owner, who claimed it was his house and that it was not sold. '

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