• Dead at stabbing in train Germany

    Dead at stabbing in train Germany

    flensburg May 30, 2018 20:27 Hot Recent News

    With a stabbing in a train in Germany, a dead accident occurred on Wednesday. According to German Bild, the victim is a man who would have attacked another man with a knife. He was shot dead by the alarmed police when the train stopped at Flensburg station.

  • Attempts against anti-Semitism in Germany

    Attempts against anti-Semitism in Germany

    berlin April 25, 2018 18:42 Hot Recent News

    Thousands of people have taken to the streets in a number of German cities to show their solidarity with the Jewish community and to express their concerns about growing anti-Semitism. Many demonstrators wore a yarmulke, the traditional Jewish head covering.

  • Dozens injured by tram accident Cologne

    Dozens injured by tram accident Cologne

    cologne March 15, 2018 22:12 Hot Recent News

    Due to a tram accident in the center of Cologne, more than forty people were injured on Thursday evening. The police told in the regional newspaper General-Anzeiger that at a stop in the Luxemburger Straße two tram-trains have crashed on each other.

  • Tens of thousands of Kurds demonstrate

    Tens of thousands of Kurds demonstrate

    cologne January 27, 2018 14:06 Hot Recent News

    In Cologne about 13,000 Kurds are on their feet to demonstrate against Turkish military intervention in northern Syria. The demonstration would start at 10.00, but was postponed to 12.30. The police stopped the demonstrators because there were flags of the Kurdistan Workers' Party and images of PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan.

  • Rhine close to highest point in Germany

    cologne January 8, 2018 17:48 Hot Recent News

    The Rhine has reached almost the highest level in a number of German cities. A water level of 8.77 meters was recorded in Cologne on Monday afternoon. The authorities in Domstad expect the level to rise a few centimeters and then go down.

  • Water levels in Rhine increased further

    cologne January 7, 2018 07:39 Hot Recent News

    The water level in the Rhine in Germany rose further during the night from Saturday to Sunday. At Cologne the water is so high that shipping has been shut down. Scots and defenses must prevent the old city center from under water.

  • Water level rivers Germany is rising rapidly

    cologne January 6, 2018 12:15 Hot Recent News

    The high water levels in the German rivers Rhine, Moselle and Danube remain critical this entire weekend. The water level in the Rhine is rising faster than expected and a restriction on shipping is introduced at Cologne during the course of Saturday.

  • Germany arms itself against high water

    cologne January 5, 2018 17:51 Hot Recent News

    Cologne, Düsseldorf and other German cities take measures against flooding, because the water level in the Rhine rises rapidly due to the heavy rain and thaw. Meteorologists predict a water level of 8.30 to 8.80 meters at Cologne by Sunday.

  • Minister defends law after reproach censorship AfD (2)

    berlin January 4, 2018 06:06 Hot Recent News

    German Justice Minister Heiko Maas has defended the new law against fake news and on social media after a tweet from an AfD politician has been removed and the account has been temporarily blocked. In front of Bild, Maas says that calls for murder, threats, insults, incitement to hatred and denial of the Holocaust do not fall under freedom of speech, but rather an attack on those of others.

  • AfD-headpiece under fire by news year tweet

    berlin January 2, 2018 20:54 Hot Recent News

    An important politician from the German right-wing populist party AfD has come under heavy fire due to a 'popular-puffing' Tweet that she distributed around the turn of the year. Meanwhile, hundreds of Germans have filed a complaint against Beatrix von Storch, vice-party chairman of the party in the Bundestag.

  • Women assaulted with old and new Berlin

    berlin January 1, 2018 05:27 Hot Recent News

    In Berlin, several women were victims of sexual abuse at festivities around the Brandenburg Gate. According to the police, these were isolated incidents. Seven people have been arrested for ten cases of sexual abuse. In Cologne, nine women reported because of sexual assault.

  • Police union denounces safe women's zone Berlin

    qberline December 30, 2017 14:51 Hot Recent News

    The German police federation DPolG is critical of the safety zone that is specially designed for women at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin during the New Year's Eve. Chairman Rainer Wendt said on Saturday that the measure gives the impression that there are both safe and unsafe zones during the New Year's Festival in Berlin.

  • Safe zone for women in New Year's Eve Berlin

    berlin December 30, 2017 04:33 Hot Recent News

    Women who feel unsafe or have been harassed during the New Year's Eve can go to a special safe zone. Sunday is the year of exuberance celebrated in Berlin, it is the largest Sylvester party in Germany and is held around the Brandenburg Gate.

  • Turkey calls German ambassador to mat

    Turkey calls German ambassador to mat

    ankara September 16, 2017 22:09 Hot Recent News

    The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on the German ambassador on Saturday. According to Anadolu, Anadolu had to explain why he had a cultural meeting of Kurds in Cologne. Ankara accuses the German authorities of having granted 'terrorist propaganda'.

  • Gamescom in picture

    Gamescom in picture

    cologne August 25, 2017 21:30 Hot Recent News

    Currently the biggest game in the world takes place in Cologne. About 350,000 gamblers travel massively to Gamescom, including many Dutch people. You can not only try out the latest games, but also buy merchandise from your favorite games. The Telegraph was there and laid the scene.

  • Concrete blocks around Dom of Cologne

    Concrete blocks around Dom of Cologne

    berlin August 23, 2017 12:15 Hot Recent News

    At the world-famous Cologne Cathedral, concrete barriers were placed by the German police. The measure to protect the gothic cathedral comes after the reports that Islamic militants wanted to destroy the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, ​​another icon of church architecture.

  • Big names draw at Gamescom

    Big names draw at Gamescom

    August 23, 2017 05:36 Hot Recent News

    The biggest game in the world starts today in Cologne. Also from the Netherlands, gamers travel massively to the German capital to visit Gamescom. The Telegraph is present to report on the latest titles we can expect in the future.

  • Turkey is making German writer pick up

    Turkey is making German writer pick up

    cologne August 19, 2017 18:00 Hot Recent News

    German writer Dogan Akhanli, born in Turkey, was arrested on his holiday in Spain on Saturday. According to his lawyer Ilias Uyar, this was done at the request of the government of Erdogan. The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs is aware of this strange affair and tries to arrange consular assistance.

  • Frans Timmermans is a eager EU Commissioner

    Frans Timmermans is a eager EU Commissioner

    brussels August 9, 2017 14:27 Hot Recent News

    Frans Timmermans honors the reputation of Dutch economy. For work visits to Apeldoorn, Cologne or Groningen, the Vice-President of the European Commission does not declare hotels, while expenditure of 8.66 and 14.65 euros for a meal does not really pave the way.

  • Cologne cable car is still a mystery

    Cologne cable car is still a mystery

    cologne July 31, 2017 22:39 Hot Recent News

    The crash of the cable car across the Rhine in Cologne still puzzles the experts. It is clear, however, that an auxiliary cable, intended for assembly work, suddenly slipped down a 3.5 meter and remained stuck on a cabin. That led to an emergency stop and a spectacular rescue operation.

  • People rescued from Cologne cable car

    People rescued from Cologne cable car

    cologne July 30, 2017 18:33 Hot Recent News

    More than 100 people were stuck in Cologne on Sunday afternoon in a cable car that runs across the Rhine. The cable car was broken at 15.30 on Sunday afternoon. According to German media, a gondola was partly shot out of the guiding system.

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