• Trump is desperate for 'fake news' about son-in-law

    Trump is desperate for 'fake news' about son-in-law

    washington May 28, 2017 16:03 Hot Recent News

    US President Donald Trump once again retrieved old-fashioned Sunday to all the 'fashioned news' that makes the round in Washington. He obeyed among other things the messages about his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who had attempted to establish a secret communication line with the Kremlin before Trump retired.

  • 73th Anniversary Margraten

    73th Anniversary Margraten

    eijsden May 28, 2017 06:24 Hot Recent News

    The US military cemetery in the Limburg Margraten again expects thousands of visitors to the annual commemoration of the soldiers from the country that fell during the Second World War in the liberation of Europe on Sunday. On behalf of the Cabinet, Deputy Minister Ronald Plasterk (Interior Affairs) has a wreath. He also holds a speech.

  • Woman robs Vodafone 773 phones

    Woman robs Vodafone 773 phones

    arnhem May 26, 2017 14:33 Hot Recent News

    A woman who had taken 773 phones at Vodafone without paying was sentenced to eight months in prison on Friday, four of which were conditional. A man who bought the phones for his phone store and resold, got healing for twelve months, five of which were conditional.

  • The Sunflower also victim ransomware

    The Sunflower also victim ransomware

    breda May 26, 2017 14:00 Hot Recent News

    National Vereniging De Zonnebloem has become a victim of hostage software, or ransomware. A file with data from 4700 vacancies turned out to be lost and hostage. There was a demand for ransom, but it was not discussed. The Sunflower has no reason to assume that the hacked data has come to the street.

  • 2300 data sheets reported in the first quarter

    2300 data sheets reported in the first quarter

    the hague May 12, 2017 13:12 Hot Recent News

    In the first quarter of this year, more than 2300 data sheets were reported to the Personal Data Authority. This is evidenced by data released by the supervisor this week. Comparison: about 556 data sheets were reported by almost 2016, of which over a thousand in the first quarter.

  • Paris feeds love slots of Pont des Arts

    Paris feeds love slots of Pont des Arts

    paris May 10, 2017 13:42 Hot Recent News

    The French capital of Paris will auction some of the love slots that hung on the famous Pont des Arts across the Seine. The proceeds of the auction coming Saturday will go to aid organizations dedicated to refugees in Paris. 'I think that's a nice message,' said local mayor Bruno Julliard. 'This helps to prove that we are a solid, rich and open city.'

  • Tech fund for BN and soccer players
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    Tech fund for BN and soccer players

    amsterdam May 10, 2017 06:36 Hot Recent News

    In the United States, it is already the most common thing in the world that film stars and music idols act as corporate signatures in which they invest themselves. Football player Gregory van der Wiel brings this phenomenon to the Netherlands and sets up his own technology investment fund.

  • Germany fears Azc's attacks

    Germany fears Azc's attacks

    berlin April 29, 2017 20:24 Hot Recent News

    Germany fears that attacks are being held in places where asylum seekers were arrested in the run-up to the parliamentary elections in September. The federal detective BKA warns that the elections to extremist extremists can trigger alien hatred.

  • Russia forbids weird baby names

    Russia forbids weird baby names

    moscow April 26, 2017 15:30 Hot Recent News

    The Russian Hogerhuis approved a law on Wednesday that bizarre baby names. Parents may no longer use numbers, titles, badges, symbols or abbreviations as names for their offspring, reported TASS State Press Office. Most punctuation marks are also banned.

  • Refugees from North Frans kamp without a trace

    Refugees from North Frans kamp without a trace

    gent April 14, 2017 11:03 Hot Recent News

    Hundreds of refugees from Monday burnt camp in the northern French Grande-Synthe are missing. The governor of Nord-Pas de Calais has three halls where the affected people were accommodated closed Thursday, the Belgian NGO Humain reported Friday morning.

  • 'Terrorist Anis Amri was lone wolf '

    'Terrorist Anis Amri was lone wolf '

    karlsruhe April 12, 2017 18:15 Hot Recent News

    The Tunisian terrorist Anis Amri, who prepared a massacre on December 19 with a stolen truck at the Christmas market in Berlin, acted alone. That Attorney General Peter Frank Wednesday after nearly four months of investigation published as fact. How the 'lone wolf' could escape the German capital, however, is still a mystery.

  • Pulitzer Prize Panama Papers

    Pulitzer Prize Panama Papers

    new york April 10, 2017 22:00 Hot Recent News

    The Panama Papers, an international journalism research, on Monday won the Pulitzer Prize for journalism background. The project almost four hundred journalists from more than a hundred media from 76 countries (including Trouw and Het Financieele Dagblad) internal documents of the examined legal consultancy Mossack Fonseca established in Panama.

  • IS takes in Egypt Christians targeted

    IS takes in Egypt Christians targeted

    cairo April 9, 2017 20:33 Hot Recent News

    The terrorist group Islamic State (IS) on Sunday threatened shortly after two bloody suicide attacks on churches in northern Egypt with more violence against Christians. 'The crusaders and infidels to pay with the blood of their sons,' was a statement distributed by IS-channels. The statement mentioned two names were the perpetrators.

  • 'Application is fairer thanks to smart computer '

    'Application is fairer thanks to smart computer '

    amsterdam April 4, 2017 07:57 Hot Recent News

    As long as people have to judge resumes, continue to apply a matter of taste and therefore unfair. With that thought comes Seed Link, a Chinese company that makes computers make the first selection, to Europe. Big names such as Danone, Accenture, Deloitte and L'Oréal have been tacked.

  • Germany warns Turkish espionage

    Germany warns Turkish espionage

    berlin March 28, 2017 14:03 Hot Recent News

    The German domestic intelligence warns about three hundred two hundred Turks and Turkish institutions in Germany that they are spied by the Turkish intelligence service MIT. It is suspected supporters of the movement of cleric Fethullah Gülen.

  • Trump occasionally intercepted communications

    Trump occasionally intercepted communications

    washington March 22, 2017 18:15 Hot Recent News

    Communications staff Minister Donald Trump is occasionally picked up by intelligence agencies. It was incidental, but raises serious concerns about the spying on the president after his election. This said the US parliament Devin Nunes Wednesday. Nunes is the chairman of the committee for information of the House of Representatives.

  • Brussels is still in attack Zaventem

    Brussels is still in attack Zaventem

    zaventem March 22, 2017 07:48 Hot Recent News

    With a minute of silence at the Belgian national airport Wednesday morning began the commemoration of the attacks in Brussels a year ago. This happened at 7:58 am, the time when two suicide bombers on Tuesday, March 22, 2016 blew up in the departure hall.

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