Last 'Nazi Barracks' get a different name

Last 'Nazi Barracks' get a different name

World May 14, 2017 12:45

berlin - German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen wants to rename the last few military barracks that are still named after Nazi headlines from World War II as soon as possible.

The minister came under fire last week after criticizing the army through the affair with Franco A., the Nazi sympathies military suspected of launching an attack. Von der Leyen expressed the defensive leadership of 'weak leadership' in her eyes 'little adequate approach of right extremists in the army. '

The newspaper told Beeld on Sunday that the German army could no longer operate in the tradition of right extremism and the Wehrmacht. The name Wehrmacht was changed to Bundeswehr after the Second World War because of the association with the Nazis.

Most of the defense buildings with infected names have already been renamed in recent decades, but for example, the prominent Nazi general Erwin Rommel had lost the dance. Rommel committed suicide in 1944 after a failed murder attack on Adolf Hitler.

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