• Military sued for 'Bloody Sunday'

    Military sued for 'Bloody Sunday'

    belfast March 14, 2019 12:48 Hot Recent News

    A British former soldier is being prosecuted for murder in connection with his performance during Bloody Sunday, the bloody riots in the northern Irish city of Londonderry in late January 1972. The…

  • 'No agreement about Brexit on Sunday evening'

    'No agreement about Brexit on Sunday evening'

    brussels October 15, 2018 03:16 Hot Recent News

    The ambassadors of 27 EU members minus Great Britain have been told that there will be no Brexit agreement on Sunday. EU officials thus contradict an earlier report that the Brexit negotiators would have reached an agreement on the departure of Great Britain from the EU on Sunday. The Politico website reported that on the basis of information from three EU diplomats.

  • Northern Irish confectioners win a cake fight

    Northern Irish confectioners win a cake fight

    london October 10, 2018 15:16 Hot Recent News

    The Northern Irish bakery couple who refused to bake a cake with the message 'support gay marriage' has not been guilty of discrimination. That is how the British Supreme Court ruled after years of legal battle. Lower judges thought that the bakers were discriminating, but the highest court of appeal spoke to them freely.

  • Great fire destroyed Primark

    Great fire destroyed Primark

    August 29, 2018 09:48 Hot Recent News

    A Primark branch in Belfast has been so badly damaged by a major fire that the emergency services fear that the historic building will collapse. The traffic around the building will still be hindered on Wednesday.

  • Abortion pills robots seized in Belfast

    Abortion pills robots seized in Belfast

    belfast May 31, 2018 22:33 Hot Recent News

    In the Northern Irish capital of Belfast, the police took short action on Thursday with an action by Women on Waves. The Dutch action group had two robots to distribute abortion pills to women who were outside a courthouse. The robots have been confiscated.

  • Thieves rob as a deceased baby from home

    belfast December 13, 2017 12:06 Hot Recent News

    Burglars have stolen the ashes of a stillborn baby from a home in Belfast, Northern Belfast. 'The police think they were thinking about drugs,' said the sad mother according to the BBC. The perpetrator or perpetrators took nothing else from the house as far as known.

  • Adams since 1960 in Northern Irish politics

    belfast November 18, 2017 22:36 Hot Recent News

    Born in 1948 in Belfast, Gerry Adams has been politically active since the 1960s. He then became a member of the Catholic Sinn Fein, the republican movement that operates in both Northern Ireland and Ireland.

  • IRA terrorist convicted after 21 years

    osnabruck October 25, 2017 14:57 Hot Recent News

    A former IRA terrorist was sentenced by the court in Osnabrück to a four-year cell for an assault that the man participated 21 years ago. Today, the 48-year-old Irishman attacked a British barracks in the German city on 28 June 1996 with four others.

  • Ex-prophetball player dedicated to priest

    Ex-prophetball player dedicated to priest

    dublin July 12, 2017 16:15 Hot Recent News

    Former Irish pro-football player Philip Mulryne (39) was devoted to the priest in Dublin. This has revealed Roman Catholic Order of Dominicans on her website on Wednesday. Mulryne who has played at Manchester United has called it 'a new chapter in his life.'

  • May still discusses with DUP

    May still discusses with DUP

    belfast June 11, 2017 10:09 Hot Recent News

    The Northern Irish Party DUP, which has ten seats in the British parliament, is still discussing with the Conservatives for support for a new government led by Prime Minister Theresa May. This has emphasized the party on Sunday. DUP leader Arlene Foster goes to London to speak to the Prime Minister on Tuesday.

  • DUP confirms calls with party May

    DUP confirms calls with party May

    belfast June 9, 2017 15:33 Hot Recent News

    The Northern Irish Party DUP has confirmed that it is going to talk with the Conservatives of Prime Minister Theresa May about possible cooperation. According to her spokesman, the conservative leader wants to form a minority government with DUP support in the House of Commons.

  • Postman has sex with letterbox

    Postman has sex with letterbox

    February 28, 2017 13:33 Hot Recent News

    A postman from Northern Ireland has satisfied itself several times using a mailbox. The 52-year-old David Camblin was caught because a security camera had recorded how he put his genitals in the mailbox, and then began to move striking.

  • Coalition Government Northern Ireland falls

    Coalition Government Northern Ireland falls

    belfast January 9, 2017 16:06 Hot Recent News

    The Deputy Prime Minister of the UK region of Northern Ireland, Martin McGuinness, on Monday resigned in a row over the policies of his coalition partner and boss, Prime Minister Arlene Foster. He demands new elections on behalf of his party, the Republican Sinn Fein (We Itself).

  • Northern Irishman arrested for killing 1976

    belfast August 5, 2016 18:03 Hot Recent News

    A Northern Ireland man was arrested Friday in connection with the murder of ten Protestant workers of a textile company. No one has ever been convicted for the killings, which according to police was the work of members of the IRA.

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