Postman has sex with letterbox

Postman has sex with letterbox

World February 28, 2017 13:33

- A postman from Northern Ireland has satisfied itself several times using a mailbox. The 52-year-old David Camblin was caught because a security camera had recorded how he put his genitals in the mailbox, and then began to move striking.

That was not the first time that David put something in that specific mailbox. Over a period of six months, he would have done so regularly, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

In August, a man noticed a conspicuous puddle on the mailbox in the home of his mother at the Dairies Road in Monea. Because he did not trust, he decided to hang on a security camera. Thus the 'deliveries' the postman were recorded several times.

The first time it took the visit of the postman only a few minutes. Then he got into his van and he drove away. The second time he noticed the security camera well while he was preparing for his personal delivery.

Camblin has told the court that he is' ashamed and greatly regrets 'his actions. He denied that he had urinated in the relevant mailbox, but admitted that he had masturbated in it.

The postman could give no convincing explanation for his actions. It would be 'spontaneous' actions.

21 years Camblin was employed by Parcelforce. Furthermore, he had never been in trouble with the police. Meanwhile, the postman is no longer employed by the company and is financially supported by his wife where he is already married seventeen with.

The judge sentenced the former postman to a fine of 500 pounds (about 590 euros) and 100 hours of community service. He also has a trial period of one year.

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