Northern Irish bakery must also deliver cakes to gay people

Northern Irish bakery must also deliver cakes to gay people

World October 24, 2016 16:27

belfast - The Court of Appeal in Belfast has ruled Monday that the Northern Irish bakery also need to provide homosexuals pies. The court considers that if they refuse there is sexual discrimination. Which is prohibited by law.

The case came to light when Garath activist Lee at the Asher Baking Company at the rate of 36.50 pound ordered a cake bearing the idols Sesame Street Bert and Ernie with their call to support gay marriage. The cake baker on duty called him back two days later with the news that he was not worried, because the contract was contrary to his religious beliefs and was inconsistent with the teachings of the Bible.

The Equal Treatment Commission of Northern Ireland strained thereon a lawsuit against the principal owner of the bakery and got right. The court affirmed that ruling. In Northern Ireland, where gay couples can not get married, have a private company to supply everyone or anyone. Customers refuse on grounds of religious, political or sexual preference should not.

Christian boss, who invoked freedom of religion, rest now underway at the High Court in London.

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