Coalition Government Northern Ireland falls

Coalition Government Northern Ireland falls

World January 9, 2017 16:06

belfast - The Deputy Prime Minister of the UK region of Northern Ireland, Martin McGuinness, on Monday resigned in a row over the policies of his coalition partner and boss, Prime Minister Arlene Foster. He demands new elections on behalf of his party, the Republican Sinn Fein (We Itself).

The party has asked Foster to move because they would be responsible for mismanagement of sustainable energy. Thus the approximately 1.8 million inhabitants region would have lost a fortune. Foster, however, has refused to resign.

Foster is the Party of the Democratic Unionists (DUP), which would want to keep the closest possible ties with the UK. McGuinness of the republican Sinn Fein, which aspires to join the Republic of Ireland.

Elections in Northern Ireland at the time that London is trying to withdraw from the European Union (brexit), the political tensions over the brexit may increase further. Northern Ireland borders the republic wants non-EU majority.

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