Thieves rob as a deceased baby from home

World December 13, 2017 12:06

belfast - Burglars have stolen the ashes of a stillborn baby from a home in Belfast, Northern Belfast. 'The police think they were thinking about drugs,' said the sad mother according to the BBC. The perpetrator or perpetrators took nothing else from the house as far as known.

Mother Claire Smallwood kept the ashes of her daughter Holly in a plastic bag. That was stored in a wooden box on a table next to her bed. The victim fears that the perpetrators will throw away their loot if they discover what they have in their hands. 'I feel like I've lost her twice. This time it feels worse. '

The police call on the perpetrators to 'do what is right' and return the ash. 'The victim is understandably very upset,' said Inspector Paul Noble.

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