Prague is the capital and the greatest city of the Czech Republic.

In the past it was also the capital of Czechoslovakia. It is located on the Vltava River in Central Bohemia and has a population of 1.2 million. According to business statistics, in addition to this number, 300,000 people live in Prague without official registration. Prague is shown by a large audience as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Prague is also known as the "Golden City", "Left Bank of the Nineteenth Century", "Fairy Tale City", "The City of the Inland" and "The Heart of Europe".

A feature of Prague is II. It has not suffered much in World War II. It houses many historical houses and places. These places include St. Vitus Cathedral is also included. Tourism has been very popular in recent years.

Since 1992, Prague's historic center is on the World Heritage List of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

  • Kill by fire in hotel Prague

    prague January 20, 2018 18:45 Hot Recent News

    Because of a fire in a hotel in the center of Prague, at least two people were killed. This is reported by emergency services on Czech television.

  • Zeman at the head after closing polling stations

    prague January 13, 2018 14:51 Hot Recent News

    According to the first results of the presidential elections in the Czech Republic, Czech president Milos Zeman is leading. He has more than 40 percent of the votes, after approximately half of the constituencies had passed on the results. In the second place Jiri Drahos is behind with about a quarter of the voters. The remaining candidates are far behind, as appears after the close-up Saturday afternoon of the polling stations.

  • Topless woman provokes Czech president

    prague January 12, 2018 17:03 Hot Recent News

    A topless woman was stormed on the Czech president Milos Zeman on Friday when he wanted to cast his vote during the first round of the presidential election. The demonstrant shouted in English that Zeman is the 'whore of Putin'.

  • Businessman Babis wins elections in the Czech Republic

    prague October 21, 2017 17:18 Hot Recent News

    The controversial populist and billionaire Andrej Babis is the clear winner of the parliamentary election in the Czech Republic. After counting more than 90 percent of the votes, ANO's party came to 30.5 percent of the votes, a lead that is no longer available to competitors.

  • The Czech Trump

    prague October 20, 2017 21:18 Hot Recent News

    They call him the 'Czech Trump' or 'Berlusconi of the Vltava'. Billionaire Andrej Babis has major problems with justice and controls virtually all Czech media. On Saturday, the puissant rich entrepreneur, who holds 250 companies, can also become prime minister of his Eastern European country.

  • TUI more together with easyJet
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    TUI more together with easyJet

    September 25, 2017 10:36 Hot Recent News

    TUI travel organization is working closely with price fighter easyJet. The number of holiday destinations in Europe will be expanded in the coming winter. 'A summer test with five city trips has been completed,' said TUI.

  • Devastating storm in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

    Devastating storm in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

    prague August 11, 2017 13:21 Hot Recent News

    The Czech fire department has been forced to squeeze 700 times in the last two days. Heavy storms have thrown numerous trees, broke roofs and flood basements. Some 110,000 households arrived in the south-east of the Czech Republic without power and some of the train traffic was delayed by a couple of hours.

  • The Czech Republic prohibits fur farming

    The Czech Republic prohibits fur farming

    prague August 1, 2017 16:45 Hot Recent News

    The Czech Republic has put an end to the breeding of fur animals. The remaining companies in this industry must have closed the doors by the end of January 2019. President Milos Zeman signed the relevant law on Tuesday. Parliament has already voted with a large majority in banning the breeding and killing of animals purely for the fur.

  • Dutch Pokémon safari postponed

    Dutch Pokémon safari postponed

    amstelveen July 31, 2017 11:39 Hot Recent News

    The first Dutch edition of the Pokémon GO Safari Zone is postponed to autumn. Developer Niantic announced on Saturday that the event in the city heart of Amstelveen will not continue on 12 August. Other events in Copenhagen, Prague and Stockholm are also postponed.

  • Czech Prime Minister resigns

    Czech Prime Minister resigns

    prague May 4, 2017 22:27 Hot Recent News

    The Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka has postponed his resignation request for his cabinet until mid-May. That gives him time to work on a solution. The government coalition was surprisingly different on Tuesday, less than six months before the next parliamentary elections.

  • Unexpected fall of coalition in the Czech Republic

    Unexpected fall of coalition in the Czech Republic

    prague May 2, 2017 22:30 Hot Recent News

    The central coalition coalition in the Czech Republic has fallen less than six months before the parliamentary elections. Social Democrat Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka has announced the surprising resignation of his cabinet on Tuesday. Cause of the conflict are the allegations of tax fraud to the Minister of Finance Andrej Babis, leader of the liberal-popular coalition partner ANO.

  • Ambassador way twittering wife

    Ambassador way twittering wife

    prague April 13, 2017 17:51 Hot Recent News

    The ambassador of the Czech Republic in Switzerland has been recalled by his country for insulting tweets his wife to address the Foreign Minister. The woman made lubomír zaorálek for unclear reasons include for arrogant and a zero.

  • Czechs in October to polls

    Czechs in October to polls

    prague April 6, 2017 21:54 Hot Recent News

    The Czechs go on 20 and 21 October to the polls to elect a new parliament. That President Milos Zeman announced on Thursday night television. He opted for as late as possible, allowing the parties to mid-August have the time to put together their list of candidates.

  • Avast: Many routers are unsafe

    Avast: Many routers are unsafe

    prague February 27, 2017 14:45 Hot Recent News

    Czech security company Avast warns of the vulnerability of routers. The company claimed last month 132 million unique scans and concluded that 22 percent of the routers was vulnerable to attackers. In some cases, there was an error in the software, in other cases it was the password was too weak or never changed.

  • Czech Ministry victim of hackers

    Czech Ministry victim of hackers

    prague January 31, 2017 13:27 Hot Recent News

    The Czech Foreign Ministry has become a victim of hackers in an attack similar to those on the American Democrats last year during the campaign for the presidential election. Development minister Lubomir declared Tuesday.

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