Column: Instant photo book

Column: Instant photo book

Tech September 11, 2017 09:18

- Most vacations are on display again. On many smartphones are the nicest holiday photos, but it's a pity to do nothing about it. Time for a photo book!

Nothing wrong with printing 'old-fashioned' photographs to put together a beautiful photo book. I used to book books full of holidays in Prague or Vienna. After all, it creates a unique result. But whoever has little time or patience can do this digitally via smartphone or tablet.

The Hema and Kruidvat are known for their photo services. In addition to books, you can also order wall decorations, calendars and other items. At the Hema you have a lot of choice. Quickly assemble a miniature cookie? Then you're ready in three minutes, which costs € 5.50. The prices of a luxury photo album start at € 27,95.

Both Kruidvat and the lesser known online photo company Pixum make use of the software and printing services of competitor Cewe. That's good because the app is easy to use. Strikingly enough, there are price differences. For an extra large photo book of 30 by 30 cm, prices of Kruidvat start at € 31.95 and the other two lots are from € 44.95. While they all utilized the Cewe print center.

Almost no day goes by without Albelli advertising on television. In this company's app, you can also import photos from Dropbox, Facebook or Instagram. This way you can gather everything together for the photo book. A small copy of 10 by 10 cm costs € 6.95 and for the extra large size, prices start at € 42.90.

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