Woman used to do laxatives for years in water

Woman used to do laxatives for years in water

World May 29, 2017 19:42

prague - A 55-year-old Czech woman threw for years laxative into the water of her booth. On Monday she was sentenced to three years of cell. In addition, she has to pay her victim a damages of one million crowns (38,000 euros).

In May 2013, the victim struck at her GP because she had inexplicable health problems, the Czech news site Bravo writes. She was suffering from diarrhea, had to surrender and struggled with severe stomach pains. In addition, she was often dizzy and tired.

For many years, doctors could not find the cause until the woman realized in 2016 that her water tasted strange. She suspected something wrong and told her boss and her husband. Initially, they did not believe her until they drank water and spent a whole night on the toilet. Eventually she took the bottle to the police.

In the laboratory it was found that there was indeed laxative in the water. Thirteen times more than the recommended amount even.

The perpetrator was then detected with a hidden camera in the lawyer's office. The images showed that 55-year-old employee Věra Kubíčková opened the bottle of her booth and made a huge leak of laxative.

A few days later, the woman was arrested at her office. She had two bottles of Laxigal laxative. Her motive has not been clear so far, maybe she hurried on the job of her boss. The woman refuses to explain herself.

In the courtroom it was found Monday that the woman often did the laxative just before important meetings in the water.

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