• Lithuanian stabbed in Breda

    Lithuanian stabbed in Breda

    breda September 3, 2016 10:27 Hot Recent News

    A stabbing in Breda has taken on the night of Friday to Saturday a suspected 54-year-old man from Lithuania life. A 48-year-old Lithuanian has been arrested in connection with the stabbing. Also heard witnesses.

  • Seven years in prison for killing roommate

    Seven years in prison for killing roommate

    breda August 9, 2016 13:18 Hot Recent News

    A man (56) from Raamsdonksveer was sentenced to seven years in prison because his roommate (41) beaten to death in his home with an iron bar. The court in Breda imposed a lower sentence than the nine years which had demanded the prosecution. That's according to the judges because the convicted for the crime was abused by his roommate, threatened and exploited.

  • Municipalities in the knot with floppies and CD-ROMs

    Municipalities in the knot with floppies and CD-ROMs

    May 20, 2016 07:33 Hot Recent News

    Municipalities have problems with archiving information stored on obsolete manner. These include material on to floppies, CD-ROMs and tape recorders. now this information is difficult to find, not searchable and is sometimes not visible in its entirety. According to a sample of the journal Internal Administration among 26 municipalities.

  • Brussels escapes attack by dog

    Brussels escapes attack by dog

    zaventem March 22, 2016 13:10 Hot Recent News

    They had other plans for the day then evacuated to the sports hall of Zaventem. Yet it was this morning where hundreds of stranded airline passengers had to make a forced stopover. They could process the first blow.

  • No trace of missing Belgian

    No trace of missing Belgian

    breda March 15, 2016 17:03 Hot Recent News

    The wreck it Tuesday afternoon from the Canal in Breda has been no indication in the Belgian Jelle Leemans disappeared in 2013. This was reported by the police. The vehicle was empty and was not stolen.

  • Crowd trackers in Guangzhou

    Crowd trackers in Guangzhou

    guangzhou February 3, 2016 00:07 Hot Recent News

    Full stations, crowded platforms and trains are packed one unknown, but the scenes that took place at the station in the Chinese city of Guangzhou, hitting everything. With the celebration of the Chinese New Year in prospect chose the commuters already en masse to take the train home. The massive turnout grew to an even by Chinese standards unprecedented crowd of 176 000 who enjoy travel in one day.

  • Café evacuated after possible shooting

    Café evacuated after possible shooting

    breda January 31, 2016 11:35 Hot Recent News

    A large catering facility in Breda was evacuated early Sunday after a report that would be shot. Then hundreds of people had to leave the building, police said. Agents have searched the building but found no weapon or suspect.

  • Data breach at three hospitals
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    Data breach at three hospitals

    breda January 25, 2016 14:49 Hot Recent News

    Due to a 'serious error', the data of patients from two hospitals Dutch and a Belgian hospital be on the streets. On that the Belgian IT company Iguana, responsible for sending the data files, informed the hospital Monday.

  • Rien and Gino mistreated

    Rien and Gino mistreated

    breda January 2, 2016 18:14 Hot Recent News

    The victims of the kidnapping in Breda are very badly treated by the perpetrators. So says the stepfather of Rien de Koning (42) from Schoondijke, one of the abductees. According to Jef Mathijssen his stepson spiritually poor condition.,, He will need expert help to cope with this trauma, 'he tells BN De Stem.

  • Kidnapped men again go

    Kidnapped men again go

    breda January 1, 2016 10:35 Hot Recent News

    The two men who were kidnapped Tuesday in Breda, again rightly so. They were found unharmed at the start of the New Year's night in the outskirts of Ulicoten.

  • ACM loses case over SMS spam

    ACM loses case over SMS spam

    November 23, 2015 07:30 Hot Recent News

    Authority for Consumers & ; Market (ACM) has drawn the short straw in a case against SD & amp; P Interactive Breda for violating the ban on spam. The company does not pay a fine of 60,000 euros to pay, the court ruled in Rotterdam.

  • Guard house Dijkhoff

    Guard house Dijkhoff

    October 18, 2015 17:35 Hot Recent News

    The visible security for the residence of Secretary Klaas Dijkhoff Breda is gone. Reported Omroep Brabant. Exactly a week were two camera poles for the house, which was secured visible since last Sunday

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