Crowd trackers in Guangzhou

Crowd trackers in Guangzhou

World February 3, 2016 00:07

guangzhou - Full stations, crowded platforms and trains are packed one unknown, but the scenes that took place at the station in the Chinese city of Guangzhou, hitting everything. With the celebration of the Chinese New Year in prospect chose the commuters already en masse to take the train home. The massive turnout grew to an even by Chinese standards unprecedented crowd of 176 000 who enjoy travel in one day.

What did not help to go patiently in line for a ticket stand, were icy cold and snowfall. Local media showed images of the immense mass numb to the entrances of the station. The municipality announced code red off because of the danger. There were hastily 2,600 security officers called in to try to keep the crowd somewhat in check and to prevent people from being marginalized.

For comparison; 176. 000 is roughly equivalent to the entire population of Breda. Guangzhou, formerly Canton, has about 8.6 million inhabitants.

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