Municipalities in the knot with floppies and CD-ROMs

Municipalities in the knot with floppies and CD-ROMs

Tech May 20, 2016 07:33

- Municipalities have problems with archiving information stored on obsolete manner. These include material on to floppies, CD-ROMs and tape recorders. now this information is difficult to find, not searchable and is sometimes not visible in its entirety. According to a sample of the journal Internal Administration among 26 municipalities.

To the research communities such as Rotterdam, Utrecht, Breda and Eindhoven participated. Thirteen ultimately responsible for the municipal archives indicate that they experience sometimes or often difficulties in finding information. In addition, fifteen municipalities say they lack information. Two of the surveyed municipalities additionally contend with bitrot in their archives. This phenomenon, the electric charge of a bit slowly extinguishes which no longer work programs. Especially data on tapes appear here sensitive.

About half of those interviewed believe that municipal employees are not sufficiently aware of the importance of good recordkeeping. They assess their knowledge about it as moderate or insufficient. The National Archives says opposite Provincial Government to be aware,, the 'challenges of digital preservation. The organization therefore wants to stimulate knowledge about this subject.
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Information that will save municipalities have to be moved after a maximum of twenty years in accordance with the Public Records Act to certain repositories. In the past, is to store selected material now obsolete software and hardware. Now that information appears to be largely unreadable.

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