Two-year jail sentence for cyber gang boss

Two-year jail sentence for cyber gang boss

Tech May 19, 2016 07:42


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BREDA ∙ The prosecutor in Breda against the 33-year-old Youry D. of Belarus demanded two years in prison for participating in a criminal organization, theft over bank fraud and money laundering.
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D. is seen as the leader of an Eastern European organization malware (malicious software) used to gain access to computers, and was diverted via internet banking money to hundreds of accounts abroad.

The criminals opened bank accounts via so-called money mules (\x3d persons who provide their account). The banks and the victims could not get the money back.

'People are losing by the invisible installed malware administer their accounts,' said officer Yolanda van Setten. 'I am shocked by the massive structure of such an organization. Many people make money from this type of crime. '

In October 2013, an investigation was launched after dozens of declarations. The prosecution in Breda spent a year long process of the gang identified in cooperation with the banks and digital experts from the NFI. Justice hold timely in allowing the Netherlands sixty victims and three banks suffered an injury of 134. 000.

Three men and a woman were arrested that would have governed the organization in Europe. Against Jurijs A. (33) from Ukraine was demanded fifteen months, four months would Nikolajs M. (32) from Rijswijk in the cell must and Amsterdam Izabel K. (26) three and a half months in jail and 180 hours of community service. Ruling June 3rd.

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