• 'Do not take a drink from unknown'

    'Do not take a drink from unknown'

    leuven March 19, 2018 17:27 Hot Recent News

    You do not smell it, you do not see it and especially you do not taste it. That makes it so dangerous. A pill of Rohypnol or a few milliliters of GHB in your drink will be enough to be out of the world for hours.

  • Condemned Antwerp Syria sufferers

    Condemned Antwerp Syria sufferers

    antwerp March 19, 2018 14:33 Hot Recent News

    Three women from Antwerp were convicted in absentia on Monday for participating in the activities of a terrorist organization. The Antwerp court imposed their five years in prison and every 6,000 euros fine.

  • House of Rubens for sale

    House of Rubens for sale

    antwerp February 27, 2018 14:24 Hot Recent News

    The castle of Pieter Paul Rubens is for sale. For 4 million euros you can become the owner of Kasteel Elewijt ('Het Steen') near Antwerp, De Standaard and The Art Newspaper report. The master lived there from 1635 until his death in 1640 and painted some of his works, such as 'Landscape with the tower of Castle Steen' and 'View of Het Steen in the early morning'.

  • Strikes impede public transport in Belgium

    Strikes impede public transport in Belgium

    brussels February 27, 2018 07:18 Hot Recent News

    In Belgium, strike actions lead to the cancellation of trains, buses and trams, including in the capital Brussels. The actions are directed against plans by the government of Prime Minister Charles Michel to reform pensions for people with heavy occupations.

  • Abou Jahjah mentions party be.one

    Abou Jahjah mentions party be.one

    brussels February 7, 2018 13:12 Hot Recent News

    The controversial Belgian-Lebanese publicist Dyab Abou Jahjah is taking part in the municipal elections in Belgium with a new political party in October and the parliamentary elections a year later. The party gets the name 'be.one', as it was announced at a press conference in Brussels.

  • Belgian nuclear reactor shut down for longer

    Belgian nuclear reactor shut down for longer

    target February 1, 2018 17:48 Hot Recent News

    Reactor three of the nuclear power plant in the Belgian Doel will only be restarted on August 1, more than three months later than planned. This is shown by a report on the website of operator Engie Electrabel. Maintenance work takes longer than planned.

  • Also fine Dutch in Antwerp environmental zone

    Also fine Dutch in Antwerp environmental zone

    antwerp January 30, 2018 14:54 Hot Recent News

    Dutch people who drive into the environmental zone of Antwerp with an older car will receive a fine on the mat from next spring. Because Flanders had no treaty with the Netherlands about the exchange of personal data, fines could not be sent automatically, but a legal solution was found. The technical development is still being worked on.

  • She-wolf Naya did not bite eight sheep
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    She-wolf Naya did not bite eight sheep

    ranst January 26, 2018 13:33 Hot Recent News

    Wolvin Naya is not responsible for the death of eight sheep on a farm in Ranst in the province of Antwerp. The animal was not near Ranst in the last days and the sheep that were found there can not have been bitten to death.

  • Armed migrants turn back

    Armed migrants turn back

    brussels January 19, 2018 08:45 Hot Recent News

    The Belgian police had to flee shots on Friday morning when armed asylum seekers turned against them at a trucker's parking lot along the highway. Two agents were injured.

  • 'It looked like a bomb'

    'It looked like a bomb'

    antwerp January 16, 2018 16:42 Hot Recent News

    They immediately thought of a terrorist attack. The witnesses to the enormous blow that destroyed three buildings at the Antwerp Paardenmarkt. The relief was great when it seemed 'just' to be a gas explosion. Yet, the two dead and at least fourteen wounded, no one has sat down in the cold clothes.

  • King visits the Antwerp explosion site

    antwerp January 16, 2018 14:36 Hot Recent News

    The Belgian king Filip has visited the place in Antwerp on Tuesday afternoon where an explosion claimed two lives on Monday night. He thanked the rescue and emergency services and wished the victims and their neighbors 'strength and courage'.

  • Victim: 'All day gas air in pledge'

    antwerp January 16, 2018 08:54 Hot Recent News

    A man who left the collapsed building at the Paardenmarkt in Antwerp on Monday evening had already smelled gas all day long. 'But the landlord wanted no more police in the house.'

  • Miss Belgium strikes back after wave of racism

    January 15, 2018 08:09 Hot Recent News

    Angeline Flor Pua, who was named Miss Belgium 2018 on Saturday, received a huge wave of racist reactions to her victory last weekend. The 22-year-old woman from Antwerp with Filipino roots reacts strongly today: 'This is not going to stop me from becoming a good Miss Belgium.'

  • Flemish barber picks clients bald

    stabroke January 9, 2018 11:03 Hot Recent News

    With a nice talk about investment opportunities, a 58-year-old Flemish hairdresser has wrested the savings of dozens of customers for years. He became two million euros richer. 'We thought he was a friend', angry former customers say.

  • Strong wind prevents fireworks from Ostend

    ostend December 31, 2017 11:54 Hot Recent News

    The traditional New Year fireworks in the Belgian coastal town of Ostend has been canceled due to the bad weather. The region is on Sunday for hard gusts with coast speeds of up to 90 kilometers per hour and a lot of rain. The municipality therefore renounces the annual firework festival, reported Belgian media.

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