Nine nuclear incidents in Belgium in 2017

World January 2, 2018 23:57

brussels - The Belgian nuclear watchdog registered nine nuclear incidents last year. That was less than in 2016, but last year there was an incident from a more serious category.

The Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANC) posted the latest figures on the website on Tuesday, according to Belgian media. The hazard scale consists of seven levels.

Eight incidents fell in the lowest level in 2017, one fell in the higher category two. This incident occurred during the transport of a radioactive shipment that was taken on a passenger flight as freight from Cairo via Zurich to Brussels. The material was poorly packaged, so that various passengers might receive a dose of radiation that was higher than the norm, but had no harmful effects on their health.

Another incident in the nuclear reactor was three in Doel north of Antwerp near the Dutch border, where concrete rot was established. Other cases included a research center and a waste manager.

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