• Danger! Scarcity of beer

    Danger! Scarcity of beer

    amsterdam October 17, 2018 08:00 Hot Recent News

    The world has a scarcity of resources over its head. At least, that is the conclusion of some scientists from the universities of Cambridge and California. Persistent climate change will complicate the cultivation of barley for making beer.

  • Dead after Oktoberfest fight

    Dead after Oktoberfest fight

    munich September 29, 2018 18:48 Hot Recent News

    A man died on Friday of the consequences of a fight at Oktoberfest in the German city of Munich. In one of the beer tents the victim went after a brief exchange of words, with another man on the fist. He was seriously injured and later collapsed in the hospital.

  • Pope honors Ireland's 'holy drinker'

    Pope honors Ireland's 'holy drinker'

    vatican city August 24, 2018 21:00 Hot Recent News

    Matt Talbot, a Dubliner who died in 1925, was once a notorious slap. Now he is on his way to becoming a saint. Pope Francis will honor him on Saturday during his visit to predominantly Catholic Ireland, but not by giving a toast.

  • Truth or dare: woman drinks beer from dead fish
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    Truth or dare: woman drinks beer from dead fish

    new york August 11, 2018 11:33 Hot Recent News

    A game of 'doing, daring or the truth' can lead to crazy things, but drinking a beer from a dead fish we had not heard before. The 28-year-old Aimee Lynn was challenged by her friends to perform the bizarre stunt, while the whole event was captured by one of the bystanders. The video appeared online and social media users find it disgusting.

  • Duvel to the right for imitation bottle
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    Duvel to the right for imitation bottle

    amsterdam July 3, 2018 09:09 Hot Recent News

    A brown, stepped bottle, a white label with red letters: sounds like a bottle of Duvel, is not it? Not always: the Belgian beer brand Filou is also sold in a bottle that resembles that of Duvel as two drops of water. And so Duvel Moortgat went to court to enforce adjustments.

  • Beer does not flow for Britons

    Beer does not flow for Britons

    london June 28, 2018 18:21 Hot Recent News

    If England finally plays decent football again during the World Cup, the beer threatens to throw a spanner in the works. Several pubs struggle to make the tap flow. Beer is enough, but it lacks carbonated flasks.

  • 'Die Mannschaft ist raus!'

    'Die Mannschaft ist raus!'

    munich June 27, 2018 17:54 Hot Recent News

    'Oh nein!' Sounds baffled after the German elimination. 'Die Mannschaft ist raus!' Says the commentator full of horror. All those present in the beer cellar Franziskaner in Munich collectively put their hands in the face.

  • Summer without beer? This is the culprit

    Summer without beer? This is the culprit

    moscow June 21, 2018 18:36 Hot Recent News

    Have you planned barbecues, parties or an evening of World Cup matches in the near future? Then it could just be an alcohol-free version. The beer stock is seriously threatened by a shortage of CO2, writes CNN, and beer brewers sweat carrots for the coming weeks.

  • Panic: Moscow almost on

    Panic: Moscow almost on

    moscow June 20, 2018 12:57 Hot Recent News

    Football and beer drinks go hand in hand. International football fans have drunk so much since the start of the World Cup in Moscow that there is a shortage of beer in the Russian capital.

  • Art diamond threatens diamond dealers

    Art diamond threatens diamond dealers

    June 11, 2018 14:48 Hot Recent News

    They are becoming frugal times for many diamond dealers and miners. Companies that continue to ban the artificial laboratory diamond, will find it difficult in a market where prices due to these pebbles pressed out of carbon fall sharply.

  • Keuringsdienst will be testing beer for WC

    Keuringsdienst will be testing beer for WC

    moscow June 4, 2018 11:06 Hot Recent News

    In the run-up to the World Cup in Russia, the Russian food inspection service, Roskasjestvo, extensively tests the quality of beer. According to the Moscow Times, the inspectors cast more than forty brands of beer from the Netherlands and abroad. They look at the taste, the alcohol percentage, the ingredients and whether it foams sufficiently and long enough.

  • The scandals around the Belgian cemetery in Vorst are piling up

    The scandals around the Belgian cemetery in Vorst are piling up

    frost April 13, 2018 21:42 Hot Recent News

    To throw skulls, sell racist talk, daily lavish food parties and even signs of necrophilia. Through a judgment of the Council of State, new details become known about the scandal in the Vorst cemetery. At the end of 2016, three municipal employees were fired there. Because of a 'barbecue in the cemetery' and alleged 'sexual games', it was then. But the real reasons for their dismissal seem even crazier than expected.

  • Kill by toxic alcohol Indonesia

    jakarta April 5, 2018 11:57 Hot Recent News

    At least 28 people have died in the Indonesian capital Jakarta after drinking a homemade alcoholic drink. They had bought them from a street shop. According to the police, the victims first complained of nausea after which they lost their lives within one or two days.

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