Man laid out with chips, beer and PlayStation

Man laid out with chips, beer and PlayStation

World July 10, 2018 19:42

new orleans - The family of an American teenager, who was killed during a shooting, wanted to honor their son in a special way. That has succeeded. Matthews undoubtedly felt at home during his funeral.

The 18-year-old Renard Matthews was laid out posthumously in a basketball shirt, with a PlayStation controller in hand and a bag of Doritos-ships within reach (see photo below). 'He was a boy who was much at home', mother Temeka Matthews told the local WGNO.

Matthews was fatally injured during a shooting on June 25, when he was exhausting his dog. The boy was laid out at a company that specializes in special funerals.

Previously, the same company gave birth to the 53-year-old Miriam 'Mae Mae' Burbank in a similar position, with a beer and a glass of wine. She was a 'party girl', as explained. 'When I saw it, it seemed like I was at home. Then it hurt less ', her sister explained at the time.

Matthews also has a distinctive pose. He played the game NBA2K, wore a shirt of basketball player Kyrie Irving, including matching socks, and had a pair of sunglasses on. On the table was a bag of chips and a beer.

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