Keuringsdienst will be testing beer for WC

Keuringsdienst will be testing beer for WC

World June 4, 2018 11:06

moscow - In the run-up to the World Cup in Russia, the Russian food inspection service, Roskasjestvo, extensively tests the quality of beer. According to the Moscow Times, the inspectors cast more than forty brands of beer from the Netherlands and abroad. They look at the taste, the alcohol percentage, the ingredients and whether it foams sufficiently and long enough.

The championship is played in eleven cities. Russian breweries have urged municipalities not to restrict or ban the sale of alcoholic beverages during the World Cup. Football fans might then search for harmful illegal spirits.

The Moscow municipality, for example, has restricted alcohol sales in certain areas on the day before a match is played and on the matchday. But according to Russian media, restrictions do not apply to beer in the stadiums and special zones where the World Cup is followed outside the stadium.

During the European Football Championship in 2016, riots and violent acts were committed by drunken hooligans, especially between the English and Russians.

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