Duvel to the right for imitation bottle

Duvel to the right for imitation bottle

World July 3, 2018 09:09

amsterdam - A brown, stepped bottle, a white label with red letters: sounds like a bottle of Duvel, is not it? Not always: the Belgian beer brand Filou is also sold in a bottle that resembles that of Duvel as two drops of water. And so Duvel Moortgat went to court to enforce adjustments.

The family business from Antwerp believed that Filou not only imitates the bottle of Duvel, but also the taste. The court was more comprehensible for the counter-argument: that Duvel and Filou are by no means the only beer brewers to offer the barley with a white label and red lettering.

Duvel appealed against that decision, but that was also in vain. Filou does not have to adjust the bottle and the labels.

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