Love lame impoverished Londoner
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Love lame impoverished Londoner

World February 11, 2019 15:48

london - A London businessman, blinded by love for a Bulgarian woman, has to get back the money given to her by the judge. The 37-year-old woman, Manuela Radeva, needs around 207,000 euros...

Kooter got to know Radeva at Tinder in early 2017. This resulted in a nine-month relationship. Radeva came to London. They had a household together and threw money, reported The Daily Mail. Radeva received luxury travel, expensive gifts, money and a loan from Kooter. According to Kooter, the Bulgarian money has been channeled during their relationship.

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  1. Derek Taitt June 3, 2019 at 09:54 PM

    Kooter is lying through his teeth. He is a grade A1 shit who lives up to the urban definition of his name.
    Look up kooter

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