24-hour care for baby gorilla

24-hour care for baby gorilla

World November 23, 2016 15:45

hannover - The caretakers of the monkeys in the zoo of Hanover have gained a day's work. Klaus Meyer cares with three colleagues '24 / 7 'to the newborn gorilla Yanga, who was rejected by his mother. ' The baby should always be worn on the body. Does a gorilla mother, '' Meyer explained.

The deputies of the mother even sleep with Yanga on their stomachs. If the small moment is placed separately, for example to change a diaper that he starts to beep. ' Pup gets every three hours the bottle. At night Yanga wake up almost every hour and wants attention. Then it's time for cuddling, tickling and quote '' says Meyer.

The caretakers will regularly with the baby gorilla stay so the older animals, on the other side of the bars, get a chance to see Yanga, hear and smell. Which can also accustom himself to his family.

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