Number of women in list 100 richest athletes: ZERO

Number of women in list 100 richest athletes: ZERO

World June 5, 2018 18:30

- The list of the best-earning sportsmen in the world has itself reached a sad record: never before have so few women been involved. Since Forbes magazine started composing the top 100 eight years ago, there are exactly zero (!) Women for the first time.

All places are filled by men: from boxers to football players and from tennis players to basketball players.

1. Floyd Mayweather: 285,000,000 dollars (boxing)

2. Lionel Messi: 111, 000, 000 dollars (football)

3. Cristiano Ronaldo: 108, 000, 000 dollars (football)

4. Conor McGregor: 99,000,000 (MMA)

5. Neymar: 90. 000. 000 (football)

6. LeBron James: 85. 500. 000 dollars (basketball)

7. Roger Federer 77. $ 200,000 (tennis)

8. Stephen Curry: 76. 900,000 dollars (basketball)

9. Matt Ryan: 67. 300,000 dollars (rugby)

10. Matthew Stafford: 59. 500. 000 dollars (rugby)

In previous years, there was certainly one woman in the list of big earners. For example, Serena Williams was there last year- all alone. This year, however, she has been able to play fewer competitions in connection with the care for her child.

On place 100, basketball player Nicolas Batum stands with 22. 900. 000 million. Apparently no woman has exceeded that amount last year.

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