• Americans send helicopter to Mars

    Americans send helicopter to Mars

    houston May 11, 2018 22:36 Hot Recent News

    In a few years, a helicopter will fly around on Mars. The United States is building a small vessel that will have to leave for the red planet around 2020 and arrive there in 2021. It is the first time that a machine will fly around independently on another celestial body.

  • Former President Bush (93) from the hospital

    Former President Bush (93) from the hospital

    houston May 5, 2018 11:00 Hot Recent News

    Former US President George H.W. Bush left the hospital after almost two weeks. The 93-year-old Bush was treated to a blood poisoning after an infection. According to his doctors, he makes it well and is happy to be allowed back home, says spokesperson for the Jim McGrath family in a statement.

  • Farewell to upper mother US

    Farewell to upper mother US

    houston April 22, 2018 07:30 Hot Recent News

    Donald Trump made Jeb Bush during the presidential election for a mothers child. During the funeral of his mother, former First Lady Barbara Bush, Jeb yesterday said he was proud to have had an example and a teacher like his mother.

  • Cell penalty for breaking alarm calls

    Cell penalty for breaking alarm calls

    houston April 19, 2018 17:00 Hot Recent News

    A former employee of an emergency center in Houston, the US, was sentenced to a ten-day prison sentence for breaking thousands of calls without help. She did not feel like talking to people at those times, she stated in interrogations.

  • Treatment Barbara Bush (92) discontinued

    Treatment Barbara Bush (92) discontinued

    houston April 15, 2018 19:45 Hot Recent News

    The former American first lady Barbara Bush is no longer being treated medically. The 92-year-old wife of former president George H. W. Bush will 'focus on palliative care,' reports her family. He did not go into detail about the nature of the health problems.

  • Hundreds of thousands on the streets against weapons

    Hundreds of thousands on the streets against weapons

    washington/parkland March 24, 2018 16:48 Hot Recent News

    Hundreds of thousands of young Americans are on the clock in the US to demonstrate against the barely controlled distribution of firearms in the country. The mass protests follow a shooting in a high school in Florida, where 14 February an ex-student with a semi-automatic weapon shot seventeen people.

  • Weather false alarm: no tsunami in the US

    Weather false alarm: no tsunami in the US

    charleston February 6, 2018 17:42 Hot Recent News

    A routine test with a weather alert from the American meteorological service NWS led to a tsunami warning on the American east coast. Many people received the NWS trial Tuesday on their phone or through other media as if it were a real alarm.

  • First date ends in drama: three tons of damage

    dallas December 28, 2017 21:27 Hot Recent News

    An intoxicated woman from Dallas, according to the authorities, was on a date with a prominent lawyer from Houston, but that was anything but flawless. His art collection suffered damage for at least $ 300,000. Here were two paintings by Andy Warhol.

  • Actor Hillerman (Higgins) from Magnum P.I. passed away

    houston November 10, 2017 06:42 Hot Recent News

    Actor John Hillerman died in his hometown of Houston at the age of 84. His family let this know through a spokesman. The cause of death is unknown. The American became famous because of his role as Jonathan Higgins in the popular 80's series Magnum P.I.

  • Apollo astronaut Richard Gordon died

    houston November 8, 2017 05:45 Hot Recent News

    The American Apollo astronaut Richard Gordon, 88, died in California in his homeland on Monday. He was one of the few astronauts on the moon mission. He was the pilot of the Apollo 12 mission that flew to the moon in 1969. During his missions he made two space walks.

  • Earth swings away

    Earth swings away

    houston September 22, 2017 11:12 Hot Recent News

    The earth throws a room on Friday. It is about the US spacecraft OSIRIS-REX, which is heading for an asteroid. As the probe flies, the earth's gravity gives him a swipe so that he can cross.

  • Saturn sank sin Cassini

    Saturn sank sin Cassini

    houston September 12, 2017 09:30 Hot Recent News

    It's not a foul, the fate that Cassini's Friday night is waiting for. Rather swallowed. After a long journey, the vessel will perish through space on the planet Saturn. The flight line deliberately disappears in the gas clouds of the planet.

  • Dodental in Texas rises to sixty

    Dodental in Texas rises to sixty

    houston September 6, 2017 13:15 Hot Recent News

    While the hurricane Irma is traveling through the Caribbean to the coast of Florida, Texas is still not fully resolved by Harvey, the previous hurricane. In the southern state, the number of deaths is now officially sixty.

  • Texas scratches slowly

    Texas scratches slowly

    houston September 4, 2017 21:54 Hot Recent News

    The state of Texas, for the first time since Hurricane Harvey, has been thinking of cleaning up the mess. The evacuated residents in Houston's underground city can go home.

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