Texas scratches slowly

Texas scratches slowly

World September 4, 2017 21:54

houston - The state of Texas, for the first time since Hurricane Harvey, has been thinking of cleaning up the mess. The evacuated residents in Houston's underground city can go home.

The official evacuation order has been revoked, so that the large shelters quickly deflate. The US Coast Guard returned the first ships from the Gulf of Mexico on Monday to Port Arthur Port, including the largest oil refinery in the United States. The oil industry responded immediately to the improvement. The gasoline price that has risen in recent days has dropped slightly.

Not all ships can enter, because the rivers already have a very powerful flow through the discharge of the huge rain masses. Meteorologists estimate that Harvey in Texas and neighboring Louisiana leave an average of 127 centimeters of rainwater.

The estimate of the damage has risen to 180 billion dollars (151 billion euros). The most sad balance is the number of deaths: about fifty people came through natural violence.

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