Belgian 'Jesus' for judge to shameless scamming practices

World January 15, 2018 13:57

amsterdam - The 65-year-old Johannes De Wapenaere, who considers himself the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, should soon appear before the Belgian judge. The man was guilty of assault and fraud. He himself is convinced that he has magical powers and can deliver people from their suffering.

The Belgian judge sees Johannes De Wit, as he is known in the land of psychics, all too happy to disappear behind bars, writes the Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad. One of his victims is the Dutch 'Dora', who does not want her real name in the newspaper. She joined De Wit and his Dutch wife in 2011 in the hope that they could deliver her from her epileptic seizures. The duo organizes sessions together under the name Trauma Care Global, intended to cure people of various diseases and disorders.

Particularly, because even though De Wit's wife is a qualified 'physicist therapist' (which is precisely what it is, is not clear, ed.), The Belgian labor history itself is remarkable to say the least: he was a painter, professional soldier and factory worker. Yet he says he can 'see' within 30 seconds what someone is bothered by. Because Dora unfortunately did not succeed, 'De Wit and his wife' helped the Dutch for 800 euros per month, for therapy, board and lodging. For that she had to break all ties with her family.

The woman, who still has epilepsy, filed a complaint against the couple in 2014. That is not the first: in the Netherlands, a number of complaints have already been dismissed. The Belgian would have intervened in one of his patients. Another victim would have had to pay 50,000 euros for hand placement and other therapies.

The self-styled paragnost, who lives in a real castle in the Flemish Asse, swears in turn to be able to help people with physical or mental problems. He does so with the 'Violet Flame': 'The Flame has the ability to dissolve and digest old pains and blockages', writes the Belgian on his website. During a séance, a patient- often a woman- should lie half naked where De Wit begins to freak on him / her. In order to 'let energy flow away', he often touches breasts and vaginas. Remarkable: during a séance, De Wit is constantly peasants, in order to 'make the negative energy disappear.' '

The judge suspects that the Belgian has assaulted at least five women. The couple denies the accusations. According to De Wit's wife, 'everyone is just jealous'. 'Everyone is free to come to our lectures and group meetings. Although the judge has already decided that he can not organize sessions for the time being.

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