London rudderless

London rudderless

World June 27, 2016 07:15

london - London is in a political vacuum. The country is rudderless. Prime Minister David Cameron promised to stabilize the British ship before departing in October as prime minister. These is nothing to criticize. He shined last weekend by its absence.

The Brexit camp suddenly realizes that it is an almost impossible task. In the coming years, hundreds of laws must be rewritten to be closed more than fifty trade. This requires short-term more than 1,000 legal specialists necessary. There are probably not.

Meanwhile, the pressure from Brussels is staged to launch the negotiations for a departure from the EU. The British, however, push for postponement. They currently have no clue who have to conduct the negotiations and what does the country actually new relationship. Suddenly seem much Brexit politicians to realize that there are also benefits to the internal market in the EU.
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The lack of political leadership is the fear big for a further drop in the British pound and a new bloodbath in the stock markets.

Dutch entrepreneurs now suffer from the fall in the pound. Anton Valk, Chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce Dutch know several members have been postponed in recent months major investments in the UK.

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