• Thieves rob as a deceased baby from home

    belfast December 13, 2017 12:06 Hot Recent News

    Burglars have stolen the ashes of a stillborn baby from a home in Belfast, Northern Belfast. 'The police think they were thinking about drugs,' said the sad mother according to the BBC. The perpetrator or perpetrators took nothing else from the house as far as known.

  • Proud father lies next to sex robot and his wife
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    Proud father lies next to sex robot and his wife

    September 13, 2017 15:54 Hot Recent News

    For 4000 euros he put together sex robot Samantha. And now, creative British father Arran Squire sleeps with his lifelong invention. In addition to his wife Hannah, who does the TV show, she does not have a problem sharing her 36-year-old man with the brunette on batteries.

  • Dog member No Surrender seized

    Dog member No Surrender seized

    holly August 27, 2017 09:33 Hot Recent News

    The dog of a member of the motor club No Surrender was seized in the Zeeuwse Hulst on Saturday. After a series of incidents with his dog, the owner had received a muzzle basket for the animal from the municipality, but the man did not seem to hold on.

  • Fender app

    Fender app

    san francisco July 6, 2017 12:06 Hot Recent News

    Those who want to follow Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Holly, Paul McCartney or Kurt Cobain, can get help from the company that made their guitars. The famous Fender launched a guitar app, Fender Play, on Thursday.

  • Hundreds of Belgians on a medical trip in Hulst

    holly May 6, 2017 13:12 Hot Recent News

    Hundreds of Belgian patients bought drugs just over the border in Hulst on Saturday morning. The two pharmacies in the Zeeland village were well prepared and had extra supplies and extra staff at home, according to a spokeswoman for Pharmacy Reynaert-Nobel.

  • 'There was so much love to Horizon Zero Dawn'
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    'There was so much love to Horizon Zero Dawn'

    January 30, 2017 17:06 Hot Recent News

    Instead of choosing safe for yet another shooter, the Amsterdam studio Guerrilla Games decided six years ago with the RPG Horizon Zero Dawn to take a new path. 'We do not throw away what we have learned from Killzone,' says Hermen Hulst, managing director. 'It has taught us to make great graphics and wonderful games.'

  • Hollywood wakes up as Holly Weed
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    Holly wood wakes up as Holly Weed

    los angeles January 1, 2017 17:21 Hot Recent News

    Residents of the Hollywood district of Los Angeles on Sunday surprised by a remarkable change of name. On the mountains north of the district there are large white letters that normally form the word Hollywood, but on the first morning of the new year there appeared Holly Weed.

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