'There was so much love to Horizon Zero Dawn'

'There was so much love to Horizon Zero Dawn'

Tech January 30, 2017 17:06

- Instead of choosing safe for yet another shooter, the Amsterdam studio Guerrilla Games decided six years ago with the RPG Horizon Zero Dawn to take a new path. 'We do not throw away what we have learned from Killzone,' says Hermen Hulst, managing director. 'It has taught us to make great graphics and wonderful games.'

Horizon Zero Dawn is a role-playing game set in the distant future in an apocalyptic world where the human race as we know it perish and where machines rule the roost. There are still people, but they live in tribes of what nature brings them. They do not know what has taken place ever. Along with lead actress Aloy players unravel the mysteries surrounding its origin and cause of the downfall of technologically advanced humanity.

40 ideas were notified for the next project after Killzone at Holly, of which two were chosen. 'We have for some time been working in parallel on both game projects, but there was so much love to Horizon Zero Dawn. Despite that it was difficult and new. Eventually, I found it less risky to make a game that the whole team wants, than anything to do what you can and within everyone's expertise. '

The new challenge was to get used to art director Jan-Bart van Beek. 'In Killzone you had a lot of control over what the player. An open world game is far more complicated because there is no linear story. The player may choose how he approaches something and there are dozens of ways to do that. It is not focused on a golden path. 'That means a lot of work.\n  \n   \n    \n    \n   \n   \n   \n      \n   \n     Hermen Hulst\n    \n   \n   \n   \n      \n   \n     Jan-Bart van Beek

The writers had to put his back to the story of Horizon Zero Dawn form. 'The missions were not filling. They had to progress the story. There is only one end to the game but as a player you do have influence on who lives and dies. It makes for a deeper relationship with the various tribes that you encounter and how they interact with Aloy, 'says John Gonzalez, who was previously responsible for the story of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Fallout: New Vegas.

There is lot of inspiration for Horizon Zero Dawn. There were excursions to experience the beauty of the surrounding nature and also series and books such as Planet Earth, Game of Thrones (Aloy is very similar to Ygritte) and Life After Us stimulated creativity. But in moderation. 'You should not let too many inspiration from other games, because then you lose your own identity. You must be unique to yourself, 'says Van Beek.

Hideo Kojima

The Decima engine where Horizon Zero Dawn runs has also attracted the attention of other parties. As the famous Japanese game producer Hideo Kojima will get to work for his latest game: Death Stranding. A great honor for Guerrilla. 'That's really great. Kojima Productions is one of the most talented and successful teams in the industry. He obviously for selecting technology. I see it as a great compliment that they have asked to use our engine, 'Holly announces proudly.

Horizon Zero Dawn is from March 1st in stores for the PlayStation 4.

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