British girls wanted to abduct babies

British girls wanted to abduct babies

World May 20, 2016 19:48

wolverhampton - Two young British women each received a year in prison because they have tried to abduct three babies.

The now eighteen Holly Kelland approached young mothers through a fake account on Facebook, where they tried to figure out their address. Her seventeen-year-old girlfriend Cody Farrar occurred as a social worker.

Kelland had previously feigned pregnancy and police assumes that she wanted to pretend the baby was hers.,, They clearly had concocted a story about her pregnancy and that story a long time sustained by family and friends. ''
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Through the Facebook account did the girls like they give away baby clothes. A mother in Huddersfield responded in September but gave the address of her mother. Still, who received a visit a week later responded a mother in Derby. The twenty mother became suspicious when she saw Farrar not held the baby's head. A third attempt in Wolverhampton that day also failed.

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