Proud father lies next to sex robot and his wife

Proud father lies next to sex robot and his wife

World September 13, 2017 15:54

- For 4000 euros he put together sex robot Samantha. And now, creative British father Arran Squire sleeps with his lifelong invention. In addition to his wife Hannah, who does the TV show, she does not have a problem sharing her 36-year-old man with the brunette on batteries.

It is a separate face: the 'hand' of sex robot Samantha, who rests on the leg of Proud Arran (36) throughout the interview. 'Why ?!' is therefore the first question of presenter Holly. 'Why is this necessary? We find that you can engage with sexual robots. You can talk to her and she even talks back, 'explains Arran.

She has sensors in her face, on her chest and in her vagina, tells the inventor. But most proud is Arren on Samantha's 'lifelike skin'. It would feel much more realistic than the skin of most sex dolls that are on the market.

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Samantha, who is not 'on' during the broadcast, looks like a real woman, says Arran. So good that he regularly takes her to the living room. His two children have now been used to the second 'wife' at home, he claims. 'They even ask her if Samantha is not there. '

With thousands of programmed jokes, Samantha is also a 'family mode'. Nothing strange, finds the Brit, who does not spend any moment unnecessarily to touch his invention.

The presenters, who occasionally seem to like their laugh, need to get used to the idea. 'She is cold and feels more like a body,' says Phil. 'Yes,' agrees Arren, who then gives a technical explanation of why Samantha has not been heated. 'But you can!' He insures without cans or blushes.

'Are you happy with this situation?', Phil asks with some hesitation in his voice as soon as Arrens wife Hannah becomes aware. 'Yes, absolutely!' She replies smiling. 'I'm not afraid Samantha will replace me! I see her more like a part of our family. '

She even reveals that she had a trio with her husband and the sex robot.

But whether Arran also puts a male sexual robot together for his wife? 'No, not!' She replied gigglingly.

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