Bob Dylan reports to the Swedish Academy

Bob Dylan reports to the Swedish Academy

World June 5, 2017 19:24

- Bob Dylan has met on time to get the 820,000 euro that belongs to his Nobel Prize for Literature.

The American singer and literary poet provided the necessary reading for the expiry of the limit (Saturday) at the Swedish Academy. This put the reason, spoken in Los Angeles on June 4th, on her website on Monday. Dylan, 76, took in April when he received a concert in Stockholm, and received the Nobel Medal and Award.

'The speech is extraordinary,' said Academy Secretary Sara Danius. Dylan goes into his 26-minute speech on colleagues, music styles and books that have influenced him. It started with Buddy Holly, who accidentally fell on his 22nd. Dylan was then a year or eighteen. He also inspired inspiration from the ancient American folk tradition, ranging from ragtime blues, songs of (slave) workers, Georgia seamanans, Appalachian ballads to cowboys.

The books that made the most impression on Dylan were Moby Dick (Herman Melville), from the western front no news from Erich Maria Remarque and Homer's Odyssey about the wanderings and adventures of Odysseus after the end of the Trojan war.

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