Alderman extorted with sex photos

Alderman extorted with sex photos

World August 9, 2018 14:42

brussels - A Belgian alderman who is being extorted with photos of a sex party, has himself come to the police.

It would be no less than 800 images of an 'erotic party' in the summer bar La Brassa in Langemark-Poelkapelle.

Frank Gheeraert (Open VLD) and alderman of Spatial Planning was there with his wife.

'This is a major violation of my privacy,' says an angry Gheeraert against Het Nieuwsblad. He says that he was indeed at the party but 'someone has made the effort to push through the corn and come to take pictures. That is a total violation of our privacy and voyeurism. '

The photos go viral in Belgium.

According to the newspaper, there are 'some in explicit poses' in the photos of the ten naked people. 'I do not have to justify myself for my private life,' says Gheeraert. 'I understand what impression you can have of the photos, but this was not a sex party. '

Who is behind the images is unclear for the time being. The ships themselves do not exclude the possibility that the forthcoming elections will have to do with them. 'This is pure blackmail. I hope that the police will quickly find out who is behind this. '

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