• Kos is fighting for third failed summer season

    Kos is fighting for third failed summer season

    kos July 24, 2017 17:15 Hot Recent News

    After two disaster years, a third tourist season may not fall on the Greek island of Kos in the water. Full of passion, Johanna van Itterzon of Aalsmeer and her husband Lucas Lavranos fight against that doomscenario, just as it is quite quiet after the earthquake is pretty quiet on Kos Town's beaches.

  • Possibly more earthquakes in Kos
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    Possibly more earthquakes in Kos

    kos July 23, 2017 15:48 Hot Recent News

    Tourists and residents of the holiday island of Kos should take into account the possibility of aftershocks and new earthquakes in the next month and a half. That says the Greek seismologist Christos Papaioannou of the Institute of Engineering Seismology and Earthquake Engineering in Thessaloniki.

  • Kos scratches up

    Kos scratches up

    kos July 22, 2017 21:42 Hot Recent News

    After the earthquake of thursday night, Kos scratches again slowly. During the afternoon, teams began to clear the ravage. Pubs will open again tonight.

  • Naschok causes panic in Kos city

    Naschok causes panic in Kos city

    kos July 22, 2017 18:51 Hot Recent News

    A lot of aftershock has caused rest on Saturday on the Greek island of Kos. In Kos city, residents and tourists flew out massively when the ground began to shake sharply shortly after 20:00 (local time). The quake lasted about 10 seconds.

  • 'The floor broke open'

    'The floor broke open'

    kos July 21, 2017 09:51 Hot Recent News

    Empel's Dutch Laury was in the center of Kos City when the earthquake hit the same Greek island. 'The floor broke open, people guessed and ran. It was terrible.''

  • Probably no Dutch injured

    Probably no Dutch injured

    kos July 21, 2017 09:30 Hot Recent News

    From a first survey of the major Dutch travel organizations in Kos and Bodrum, no landmates were found to be injured. Sunweb, TUI and Corendon still hold a small battle because it's possible that a single at the hospital has not yet been reached.

  • Kill on Greek island Kos by earthquake
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    Kill on Greek island Kos by earthquake

    kos July 21, 2017 05:48 Hot Recent News

    An earthquake between the Turkish coast and the Greek island of Kos drove two deaths on Thursday night. Also, 120 people were injured, reports Mayor Giorgos Kyritsis of Kos. The two dead fell in a bar in the town of Kos where the roof collapsed. There was a lot of entertainment in the city.

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