• Passenger data with Curaçao

    Passenger data with Curaçao

    the hague July 11, 2017 22:24 Hot Recent News

    Minister Stef Block (Security and Justice) and Curaçao, Saint Maarten and Aruba have made agreements that need to bring closer passenger data exchange. That happened on St. Maarten on Tuesday during the so-called Justice Vierlanden Concert.

  • 'Russian government does not hurt'

    'Russian government does not hurt'

    sint June 1, 2017 13:27 Hot Recent News

    The Russian government is not engaged in hacking and influencing foreign elections. However, President Vladimir Putin can not rule out the fact that individual hackers operate on their own. 'The government is in no way involved,' he said in St. Petersburg on Thursday.

  • Victims attack St. Petersburg died

    Victims attack St. Petersburg died

    sint April 21, 2017 10:03 Hot Recent News

    Almost three weeks after the bombing in St. Petersburg's metro station, the death penalty was raised to sixteen. A severely wounded woman died at the hospital, a Russian metropolis official said on Friday.

  • Russian reporter died after abuse

    sint April 20, 2017 10:33 Hot Recent News

    Six weeks after he was struck by strangers in St. Petersburg, the critical Russian journalist Nikolaj Yushchenko was injured in a hospital in his injuries. That reported Russian media Thursday.

  • Victim subway stop deceased yet

    Victim subway stop deceased yet

    sint April 12, 2017 11:30 Hot Recent News

    Nine days after the bombing of a subway in the Russian city of St. Petersburg is one of the victims still deceased from his injuries. This total of fifteen people slain by the explosion, said deputy governor Mitja Anna Nina Wednesday.

  • Plasterk tap Sint Maarten on fingers

    Plasterk tap Sint Maarten on fingers

    the hague April 7, 2017 13:48 Hot Recent News

    St. Martin gets a slap on the wrist from outgoing Minister Plasterk (Kingdom Relations). The government of the island refuses to agreements to install Integrity House 'to tackle corruption. The minister now wants to force the country.

  • Explosive dismantled flat in St Petersburg

    Explosive dismantled flat in St Petersburg

    sint April 6, 2017 09:48 Hot Recent News

    Experts of the Russian police on Thursday made an explosive harmless in an apartment in St. Petersburg, the news agency Tass reported. Residents of the building were evacuated and the emergency services were on standby in case it would be an explosion, said a source in the police.

  • Terror suspects arrested in St. Petersburg

    Terror suspects arrested in St. Petersburg

    sint April 5, 2017 11:00 Hot Recent News

    Six people from Central Asia who are suspected of recruiting supporters for Islamic State, were arrested in St. Petersburg. There is no link to these arrests to the bombing Monday on the subway from the Russian port, the Russian authorities announced Wednesday. That attack was committed by a suicide bomber in Central Asia. There were fourteen dead.

  • Bomb threat in affected metro

    sint April 4, 2017 10:24 Hot Recent News

    Sennaya Ploshchad metro station in St. Petersburg is closed Tuesdays. This happened according to the Russian news agency RIA after an anonymous phone call was received warning of a possible new attack. Monday came by a bomb in a subway train in St. Petersburg fourteen people dead.

  • Death toll at 14 subway attack

    Death toll at 14 subway attack

    sint April 4, 2017 09:36 Hot Recent News

    The death toll from the attack on the subway in St. Petersburg rose to 14. This was announced by the Russian authorities on Tuesday. Last night, a further three people deceased at the hospital. Until Tuesday, the death toll stood at 11.

  • Russia and Belarus to establish dispute

    Russia and Belarus to establish dispute

    sint April 3, 2017 22:00 Hot Recent News

    Russian President Vladimir Putin and his counterpart Lukashenko of Belarus have settled their disputes. The two countries were months at loggerheads over the debt that the Belarusians for the supply of oil and gas. Moscow has estimated that there are still open an account of almost half a billion euros.

  • Putin: explosions cause unknown

    Putin: explosions cause unknown

    sint April 3, 2017 14:09 Hot Recent News

    The cause of the explosions in the subway system in St Petersburg is not known. That said Russian President Vladimir Poetin. He said that the authorities keep all options open, including terrorism.

  • Drugs Action police and in South Netherlands

    Drugs Action police and in South Netherlands

    breda November 14, 2016 11:54 Hot Recent News

    his Monday morning raided several places in the south of the country and arrested people. That happened during a police action and the public prosecutor against organized drug crime. The arrests and searches were including Tilburg, Sint Willebrord, Valkenswaard and Tegelen.

  • Brussels 'wall penis' must go

    brussels September 22, 2016 13:39 Hot Recent News

    A large mural of a penis that last weekend was made in Brussels municipality of Saint-Gilles will soon be removed. The aldermen find shocking this form of street art. Perhaps factor was that the painted genitals can be seen from a Catholic girls' school.

  • Former Prime Minister Curacao hear verdict

    March 11, 2016 06:59 Hot Recent News

    Former Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte of Curacao heard Friday of the judge whether and what punishment he gets. He is on trial for, among other official bribery, forgery and money laundering. The Public Prosecutor demanded three years in prison against him.

  • New arrests in Belgium for terror

    New arrests in Belgium for terror

    brussels December 3, 2015 14:00 Hot Recent News

    In the Belgian study, two new people have been officially indicted for the attacks in Paris. The two men were arrested Sunday though, Flemish broadcaster VRT reported Thursday. The arrest was confirmed by the federal prosecutor.

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